Play Test Overviews , and Crucibles

Was reading the PTR testing advice we are given. The idea we need to focus on our experience more than solutions of game fixes!

I played DH and Wiz last season.
—Wiz looked great but, I did not do the glitching the armor. They reduced missiles, and without like a 7to 10 GR buff in dps to firebirds they appear to be a dead class.
—DH. Played the UE set… AMAZING most fun I have had. Every class needs a lower skill threshold season starter build like this… easy and fun!
-Shadow Strafe. For sure more technical and harder to gear. Great to build into. VERY fun to actually use the impale after 26 seasons! Needs 7ish Grs DPS and toughness to be fun and playable after paragon 2k it loses any luster.
-Cluster rays of light. Hate the sound effects, hate the animation, hate the hit markers. Feels like the shots just miss everything. It could be the cluster arrows itself which is why I would rather have had multishot get the same effect because last season the two build were equal.
-I did not test the zdh AC power.

Overall I think these are great changes to the DH and the strafe will be one of those that needs to become a permanent change. Next season I think you have AC RUNES drop . You put in one run at a time into your cube and gain that power. Remove those that are bad and broken and add more for the builds that still need help next season. Way too much effort was put into the ACs to just throw them away!!!

Enough with the Strafe stuff already. I’d rather see something like Smoke Screen become better suited for travel & combat by simply allowing the player to pass through walls a few seconds after activation. Keep Strafe limited to a few skills.

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