Phenomenal Job on the legendary powers! Plus

All joking and complaining aside… seriously as a whole amazing job. (on a game they really dont need to support anymore)

  1. Last season we got the EN rifts and that is the first season I ever went past Para 1200 because i was not forced to play a Z class and be DPS players slave just for XP. WHy? I was able to see fast progress after getting a EN key. I got a 100 augment which I never did before because 100 rifts at low level just to enchant 1 piece knowing i would have to throw that away later… no thanks.
    …lowering the xp will definitely reduce players progression.

  2. AC powers give you early on a huge buff with the ancient item. So this is very generous and amazing!

  3. AC powers make some of the classes OMG so freaking fun! The UE set as a straight trash set, now with strafe … holy hell that is fun! Then Impale is not as fun but still great to play. Tried the Barb also and while the WW ACpower is great for new people to WW, the HoTA is by far my favorite! The animation for the HoTA is Amazing and fun. While not super powerful, it is what a barb is all about.

Each class from what I am seeing got some great improvements which make playing many, many hours more like fun than “grinding” I hope that Blizz has the sense to build onto these powers that people love as a permanent change. Then changing and improving the ones that need help, and thinking how to make play like this into D4. THe videos I have seen on D4 look like great visuals with super boring game play. Reminds me of how every season you start at level 1 and shoot 5 arrow and kill one skeleton. D3 spoiled us to where the only maps we like are open and super crowded.

No matter how this season ends up thanks for the efforts. Maybe next season you let us use 2 items. If the barb could ww and HoTA… OMG how fun would that be. Who cares if 50 people reach GR 150s… that is the goal for every player and the arguement is we dont want everyone doing 150s…YET you have zero dps support build which literally let anyone join a group and pass 150s… SMH. I would rather have less support builds and let classes solo. Especially if the goal is people have to play to get the rewards of a 150 clear. Having a ZDH at 1100 paragon pass 150s and paragon 6500 wizard cant?

My thinking would be this. instead of getting the best rewards for clearing the highest GRs, you rewards based on the highest clear in the fastest time. We know monster double health ever 4.5 GRs higher. Just running time to the end is 1 to 3 minutes. So a 150 in 15 minutes takes about the same killing power as a 145 in 8 minutes. Rifts vary but think about this. what if your drops were 140 in under 5 minutes, or 145 in under 10 minutes or 150 in 15 minutes? A system like this… It makes builds more even as some are fast but not great at 150s? You could make the gems leveling system follow the same system. Thanks, and good luck!

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Yeah makeing skills more interesting, altering them to work differently and have more interesting interactions, is much better than adding some crazy dmg multipliers.

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crusader looks at you confused

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The effort is definitely appreciated but the Crusaders still need some work.

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yes but they did try, just they need to stop with the buggy glitchy stuff that does damage not based on your own damage. Years ago they changed the furnace for this reason and now all of a sudden they had a brain lapse and now both the WD and Crusader are totally broken because they started using damage NOT taken from your sheet, but based on the monster health. smh super easy to go back to “the bogadile does 10000 percent weapon damage” like the rimeheart.

Each class got great improvements?
PLEASE OH PLEASE compare the power level difderence of the 6/ sec feee HATRED SPENDERS wirh the 1 FoH / 2sec thar OFC only works for AoV which is ALSO USELESS since u cast 10 / 2 sec and it is only usable for T16 since for pushing FoH is trash above 10p and it doesnt even proc the 4 piece of AoV.
Or do you wanna talk about BH power???Ant good things for it???
Or.maybe the archangels that are gonna be nerfed again and again…
OH WHAT great build idea!!!All classes get diverse in the seta and builds with thr new powers and crusaders gonna build all passive defense items so they are afk while the Archangels do all the dmg…


Where is the damage if no mob to kill? You aren’t afk, you are actively generate density and buff them at right times. Hint: Angels do Holy damages.

there’s a certain way of the hundred fists sanctified power that from day one has been called absolutely garbage, has been proven to be absolutely garbage and nobody will ever use it. No, I don’t agree with you, while the idea is great, the implementation is lacking.