Phalanx from Baleful Remnant and Falling Sword

With the new patch notes and after a bit of testing:

  • Baleful Remnant procs Condemn, but the damage is also underwhelming compared to Phalanx Bodyguards or Bowmen. Are they scaled to be the same?
  • Falling Sword Avatars of the Order do not proc Condemn.

Both suffer from the new changes to Eternal Union, since the old power affected the duration of all 3. At least they seem to all reduce Champion’s cooldown.

I suggest changing the language of the skills/legendary powers, since Eternal Union encompassed all 3 types, as did the other Phalanx items. For example, when do Avatars of the Order start or stop being Phalanxes? And why do the Phalanxes from Baleful Remnant not last forever along with Eternal Union?

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