Pet questions some help please

Hi everyone I being playing with a friend a few days and after killing some gobling he got pets and I got nothing anybody knows why this can happen thanks

They drop from the Menagerist Goblins. Not every goblin drops pets and Menagerists are one of the rarer types to encounter.

You can increase your chance by doing ‘goblin runs’. There are certain areas that have a better chance of spawning goblins than others. Areas like:

Act I - Cave of the Moon Clans, Southern Highlands
Act I - Leorics Passage, between Cathedral lvl 1 and 2
Act I - Royal Crypts

Google ‘Diablo III Goblin Runs’ and you can find full lists of some of the better areas. More than I feel like typing here. Good luck!

p.s. You also have to be in the same zone as your friend when he killed them to get the pets. If you were in another one, nope.


Yes thank u but I was playing with a friend at the same time we found 1 we kill it together and only gave a pet to my friend and not me then we try again and happened the same any idea why only he got pet 2 times and i didn’t?

Hmmm, you sure it’s not in your inventory? Legendary looking item with a name, like say ‘Blaze’ or ‘That Which Will Not Be Named’ or some such?