Pestilence Masters Shroud needs a big buff

Since one of the New Crucible powers specifically says it effects Corpse Lance, it seems like a good time to add a little more damage to it via the pesti-lancer set. It’s one of the most fun and yet one of the worst performers pretty much always. 100-110 is a serious struggle with this set (just doesn’t do enough damage with all of the things) where other sets breeze through to the 120’s -130+ grs. It’s obvious they were thinking about it or they wouldn’t have included corpse lance on the golem power, so lets see it through and give it a proper buff. I would at the very least increase the set damage from 3300% to at least double if not 10,000% for starters. (Honestly that’s probably still not enough).

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Initially the golem crucible power said nothing, but then they got bug reports of it not affecting this, that, and the other so they clarified in the description. I don’t think they really put much thought into whether or not corpse lance was even worth using, to be honest.

But, yes, with Trags getting a buff Pestilence is starting to get lonely down there.

Totally agree. 3300% is an order of magnitude too low compared to others. With Season 29 allowing us to put all 200 paragon points into cooldown, I thought Corpse Lance would be a good build to benefit. It’s great for speed farming up to T16. But the lack of damage is like a hard plateau.

As a comparison, the Barbarian IK set gives 4000% on ALL damage – AND you get perma- WotB & Ancients. And it’s still weak.

If buffing the set won’t work (due to making Corpse Spear too much), then enhance another item with a Corpse Lance specific multiplier please.

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I really hope that we will see some changes for S30 that enable us to use Corpselance builds effectively again

Been waiting for a pestillence update for years. It really needs to become a poison focused build, rather than a bone spear / corpse lance build. Of course, we’d still use the corpse lance set bonus, but we could apply poison runes to all our abilities and pair it with the poison weapon, and do insane damage if it’s done properly.

It just needs to work with bone and poison skills.

Something like:

  • For each stack of Bone Armor your Bone Skills fire an extra projectile.
  • For each stack of Poison on an Enemy they take 10% increased critical damage.
  • For each poisoned enemy in 40 yds you take 2% less damage
  • Bone Prison affects all poisoned enemies in range
  • All cursed enemies take 20% more poison damage

Of course, not all need apply, but it would be nice to run pestillence and just watch everything die from bone and poison while you just run around, like one of the four horsemen, Pestillence.

I’d rather have them go all out on a Corpse Lance focused set.

10 stacks of Bone Armor, 10 projectiles per Corpselance. That’s ~5x more than currently, I can see the servers melting already.

There needs to be some big baseline though, otherwise you’re ultra squishy on Rift Guardians

I kinda like the rest of the suggestions and the idea to give a set named Pestilence a poison theme, however I’d miss cold runed Corpselance.

I’m not sure Corpe Lance generates too much of an issue, the only real lag i’ve ever come across is when my barb pulled like half of a GR150 and my Wiz friend tried to nuke it all… game basically froze and ran at 1frame per minute for a few minutes.

Either way, slap Wisdom of Kalan on, and you get +15 projectiles from corpse lance, if you select blood lance, that’s a total of 32 lances (in theory), although knowing blizzard it would be 17. If all corpse lance always has the poison rune in addition, and the +2% armor reduction from both bone armor and corpse lance, then your pestillence build will have something in the region of 80% DR compared to a normal pestillence build (25 enemies + 15 stacks of bone armor).

Of course, they’re not going to do it, and if they did they’d pick numbers that they believe are in line with their tuning goals, which means it’ll probably be worthless anyway, but we can hope.

So you meant a 2% stack per hit with a poison skill and not 2% per enemy?

No matter how many attacks hit the rift guardian, it’s still only one enemy, which would result in 2% damage reduction.

Anyways, I hope we will still see some buffs to pestilence. I just don’t think it will happen prior to the S30 patch