Permanent Seasonal Paragon Caps

Having a realistic seasonal paragon cap for all future seasons would benefit the game greatly.

  1. It reduces the purpose and effectiveness of cheaters that bot. (On-going problem for years)
  2. It introduces better balance between classes and builds.
  3. It introduces fair competition on the leaderboards.
  4. We make more meaningful choices with our paragon points vs. Stacking main stat.
  5. Gear becomes more meaningful.

What does the community think about this upcoming paragon ceiling idea, and would you like to see it in future seasons?


No. At a higher number perhaps it would be palatable, no lower than 2500.


I have the season journey completed in a few days so it does not matter to me what they do with paragon.

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We still don’t have a definite answer as to what the s29 cap will be, but I prefer lower. Like 1k

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Absolutely agree.
With the current balance a realistic cap would be somewhere between 3-5k though.

Many builds need the Paragon toughness to be competitive.
Below 3k there is no point in having the Aughilds set, since guardian is simply superior in that paragon range.

Now personally I could live with 2k, this would give me a steady sense of progression throughout my regular seasonal playtime and I wouldn’t feel gimped. (More dedicated players probably would set the cap even higher)
However at 2k the devs could also simply remove Aughilds from the game, unless they buff it.

They could also nerf Guardians but nerfs are usually no fun.


A 5k cap with the new paragon system would be a step backwards since you can now dump more mainstat.
How many seasons have you hit 5k, and how many hours per day did that take?

I still vote for a lower paragon cap because the average dedicated D3 player is most likely not getting close to 5k, and it allows more competition on the leaderboards.


Some people want the cap at a level that they normally do in a season, funny how that works. :cold_face:


If we going by the new system, main stat and vitality are already capped at 200 points, thus anything beyond 3200 won’t do anything much like how 800 on PTR + doesn’t do anything.

3200 should be the max, 1600 min.

Y’all can’t just make up rules to fit your desired levels. If it’s 200 points then everything has a max of 200 points, including main stat and vitality like on PTR. Therefore there’s no reason to have a cap higher than 3200. Saying oh yeah 200 points for all stats except let main stat / vitality go infinite is just having your cake and eating it too and did nothing to improve the situation.

800 harms everyone, including casuals. 1600 would still limit choice instead of put all points in everything like current and would actually be a reasonable amount of leveling time. 2400 might be too much for casuals, 3200 definitely too much for casuals. But this change wasn’t really to help casuals so we shouldn’t go by that, it was to hurt the mega 50k main stat “players” that could do 150 in their sleep with no effort (because they bot).


If you are talking about cap and the new distribution for new seasons I suggest mentioning it in the opening post.
My response was based on a cap with current paragon distribution.
Also if you increase the cap with the new distribution, would you keep 200 per category and everything above 800 mainstat/vit only or would you increase the cap of all categories.

If you meant to increase the cap of all categories a lower cap (1600 max) would probably be sufficient. Guess we’d need to crunch the numbers but more points in the defense tree should boost survivability much faster than more mainstat.

I never hit 5k. As stated for me personally 2k would be sufficient, I Rarely went above that in a season.

However the Balance of some builds requires them to have higher Paragon(with the old distribution), as well as the mentioned Aughilds set only starts to have a purpose above 3k.

It would be lame if some builds can clear 150s with like 4k paragon non season and then can’t push the same within a season.
Iirc there was a youtuber clearing 150 with every class set with paragon <=5k in S28 so this should please everyone regardless of their favourite build. (This would probably be possible at lower paragon with the new distribution)

Yep… The comments wanting 3-5K paragon point cap make me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hidden agenda, anyone?


Why should any game decisions be based on bots? That is a Blizzard issue with how they monitor the game. Crippling players does not magically fix the issue. Botters will have the advantage: more bounty mats and more keys, therefore they will have superior gear and more opportunities to fish for good rifts.

Well… what if they make a part of the season journey getting to 1000 paragon? Suddenly, it is relevant.

Guardian could require 2k paragon.


In future seasons, if there is a paragon cap, I think –

  1. Should apply to SSF only
  2. Should stay at P800
  3. The max 200 should removed and it should go back to max 50 – no more powercreep

For non-SSF, paragon botters can do whatever they want.

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Why nerf solo players but not group players?
Why only give solo players the more even playing field but not groups?

This feels like an incredibly random suggestion?


You can still play solo. You just can’t play SSF. Because SSF is all about leaderboard competition and making leaderboards more fair.

Yeah but why only the “more fair” leaderboards for solo players.
Why can’t groups have them as well?(there are 2man 3man and 4man leaderboards…)

I think the OPs suggestion to have it at a realistic cap but for all, is much more reasonable.


Because there’s no such thing as fair competition with group vs SSF.

Groups gain too much advantage against solo players from XP gain, gear sharing, gem leveling, etc.

I think non-SSF should be completely uncapped and the paragon botters can do what they like.

SSF should be capped.

If you don’t like a paragon cap at SSF, then don’t play that mode. There’s not a single reason to play capped SSF vs uncapped non-SSF, if there isn’t a solid P800 cap.

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My point was for groups that want a fairer competition versus other groups (instead of competition versus botters)
If it’s uncapped, the group leaderboards will still be heavily affected by bots.

Ofc even the cap never removes the advantages of botters, but it certianly limits them

(I never play in groups, so it’s not like I have a horse ik that race myself)

Give us option to use cap or not on season, if I want to go “all in” and farm paragons in a season I would love to be able do so, just add option to play with/without cap… then we are all happy.


There’s no point in grouping period with a 800 paragon cap, after gem leveling what’s the point?

Loot? Visions > your group speed runs by for loot.

That’s why if it needs to be that low, it needs to only be SSF.

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No you can do group leaderboards and compete all you like. But the SSF players will just call them the bot boards like they do now.