Perma Wrath of the Berzerker

I currently have 35.99% CD reduction. 26.83% from para and CD on gear + 12.5% from a diamond in my helm. I am also using the Boon of Bul-Kathos passive, as well as an obsidian ring, but am having difficulties in keeping WotB up at all times, which causes me to be one shot at 100 even with 1.4 million life.

It seems like I need about another 5-10 seconds or so of CD to keep WotB up permanently. How much CD do you need to keep it up or it is not possible?

You’ll need a few more good CDR rolls, preferably on weapons, but bear in mind that CDR is a fairly useless stat if you don’t gear toward the Crimson’s variant. With IAS on both BK weapons and ASI on your Zodiac ring, you should have perma-Wrath in density.

The real problem is your gear. Skull Grasp is useless, and Aquila’s is not good for the build. Neither is the Focus ring–you need Band of Might in there to mitigate damage. For more info, check out the complete guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

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Your right some of my gear does suck. I just found a squirts as well as a band of might and a mantle of channeling. I did make those changes. Unfortunately I haven’t been very lucky with drops with ideal stats. We will see what happens now that I have a couple of missing pieces.

I feel ya. Seems like good rings and weapons never drop for me!

If you ever run Barb in non-Season, add me and I’ll gladly share loot with you for Bounties and Neph Rifts :slight_smile:


I sent a request, :smiley:

gogok for 15 percent more?

You need a little more CDR, but the main problem could be that you are not managing your cooldowns. I have 42% CDR and was having the exact same problem (Procced Nerves of steel as I’m HC only)

It was because I wasn’t managing my cooldowns.

For example: I was spamming Ground stomp way too often, it was killing my zodiac procs, Now as long as I cast it only, as required ( just before it ticks off) I can keep wrath up much much better.

Edit: You also should swap out windshear to bloodfunnel because you’re using bul-kathos so you shouldn’t have fury issues and also swap Battlerage to Into the Fray for more crit/more healing overall.

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