People will be super disappointed with Crucibles because

It does not matter in the least. This is not loot hunt, this is a seasonal theme.
We should not be hunting for the seasonal theme, we should be experiencing it from the moment we create the character.


Yeah, was thinking of a strafe DH for my starter + xp/gem farmer. But you make a point, can’t even play that until you get the right power… Might be easier to do a barb or something that is pretty easy to setup, doesn’t require power and ofc has the correct starter set. Unless starter set comes bundled with 50-100 ACs, I really wanna go against the idea of packs of 21… but with the current drop rate, even that might not be enough… They’d have to drop first XD

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I think… actually know. I have had 1 AC drop. Not think, guess, maybe or estimate. I know I have had 1 drop since PTR started.

Now, lets say you want to exaggerate that by 40% which is a massive over exaggeration… I’ve had 1.4 drop. Oh wait, cant have .4 of a drop so round down to the nearest whole number and we get an answer of…:drum:… One.

What you have to ask yourself is “what spoils my game if AC’s rain from the sky?” The answer is nothing. You don’t want them and you have a big pile you don’t want to use. Big deal.

Now ask “what spoils my game if AC’s rain from the sky in other peoples game”. The answer is that it doesn’t spoil your game and the rest of us can enjoy the season theme.

Make em rain :cloud_with_rain:


We seem to have just a basic disagreement here then what is nice. In my opinion there is nothing bad in item seasons. I actually liked ethereals season which seemed to be be quite similar in relation of item hunt.
There was nice amount of hunt to get the correct item first, then really long amount of hunt trying to perfect it.

Note that I also partly agreed drop rate is not totally ok: 0-1 in a long time is clearly too low. My PTR drop rate of 5 in about 20-30 grs would be quite ok as average live rate. This would allow getting correct main power in reasonable time.
Hundreds or even tens in shortish time would remove the perfection hunt from it (getting all correct rolls).

Perfect solution maybe would be dividing this into 2 phases: Being able to update item with seasonal power at mystic and using ACs to reroll all the other affixes (works only on the updated items, rare drop). But I’m happy with current drop based system also.

Yeah, I proposed this solution 2 days after the PTR: put the seasonal power in the cube and let the crucibles drop to roll the items.


If you believe it’s rigged against you, try the following. Try wearing the exact opposite of what you’re after. Any piece that can be enchanted with opposing powers, get those enchants on too. Thus, if you don’t want Whirlwind, every piece of gear you’re wearing that you can, enchant +whirlwind damage. And set your skills and passives to be what you don’t want. See if the crucibles still give you the powers you don’t want then.

But more likely than not, you’re just experiencing variance, and remembering all the failures of the powers you don’t want, vs the powers you do want.

That is most certainly the case, I agree. There’s no reason for them to put an underlying mechanic to disadvantage the rolls.
At the same time this fallacy is what will make a lot of people be mad at the season’s theme, too much RNG.
Given the item is already completely rerolled, adding the variance of getting the correct angelic power is way beyond acceptable.

Yes, there might be the lucky cases of people who get what they want in 1 roll, they are the very exception, though.

The seasonal theme being linked to an item’s perfection was a very bad design decision.
Having the powers in a 4th cube slot would be much better.

If you want to get more, play more.

Lets see, I had 2 sessions in comparing 10 solo speed builds. 1 session was 50x sub 2-3 min GR and the other is 100x for each build.

For 1500 GR, I looted 100 crucibles which is 15:1, pretty low… but with the ancient item been fixed, usable items become astronomical high. of course, you have to weigh what kind of items, some are easy to roll, some are hard to roll.

Out of 100 crucibles I have 58x usable Yangs Recurve… 38 of it is trifecta.

Out of 100 crucible I have 20x trifecta primal haunted vision, huge improvement over the 12K crucibles I spent pre patch where 99.5% of it rolled either non trifecta or normal santifies.

Overall, AC will be in slight shortage at 1k paragon, but huge surplus at 2.5k moving on wards.

We still have to hear why getting more is bad.
What is bad about being able to have multiple items with the angelic power since you can only use one at a time anyway?

We would be able to try multiple combinations of gear? What? Unthinkable!


If its too easy ppl will get bored

I’d wager the vast majority of players never make it to P2500 in a season. Your statement, if accurate, reinforces the need for a higher drop rate.


Too easy to experience what the season is about?

Will you play the season if you have 12x builds with correctly rolled sanctified powers/item rolls 2 weeks into season? Will you likely to quit season in week 4?

Therefore you want to balance drop rates, ideally not based on super dedicated or super casuals. Pick a mid table drop rate. Atm, drop rates on PTR feels slightly low. I find my 15:1 drop rates acceptable, but it is PTR which drop rate is slightly buffed.

I quit this season at day 3 because I could simply not experience the season theme.

You assume everybody plays in group and is as efficient as a group and as much as a dedicated player.
Most people has jobs and play solo, with hindered XP and gear acquisition.

If you think limiting the experience slower people is in any way good because otherwise you as a speed player would have too many resources too fast, there is no argument to be had.


The drop rate on ptr is low and if this carries over into live it will be problematic. Not because of the actual rates at which you get them but because they are random on application. So even getting them is only half of the frustration you’ll be dealing with.


If you care to read:

I am in no way a super casual, this droprate is nowhere near what I expect a season theme to be.

Actual casuals will not even see the theme.


That is funny because I did only 5 Yang Bows. I got 10% damage on every one of them. Plus you can change stats on them after you Crucible it.

Plus I’m not even wasting my time on the next season. You doing season 22 again with this little bone thrown in. :rofl:

you did 5 bow and all 5 had cluster and 10 percent damage? You should have bought a lotto ticket instead. My luck… took me 10 before i even saw the cluster arrow power.

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