People will be super disappointed with Crucibles because

I know the devs know the drop rates for the ACs for the new season theme. I have tested and it is more than 10 to 1 gr110s to get one. Keeping in mind that there are 3 powers, 1 in 3, and the item completely rerolls all stats that is way too low of a drop rate for the amount needed to get your one item. SO think this through logically… lets say the Drate is 15 to 1. every 45 rifts you could expect to get 1 shot at the power you want. 7 minute rifts because you are really good and salvage gear and get more GR keys fast too… SO one shot at at your item every 5 to 6 hours of play.

That if probably fine as a one time shot BUT, the item randoms and it took me 30 ACs to get a bow with with the stat and with 10percent damage too. So people should expect 160 hours game play before they get the season item?

Ideally though. You get an AC and add it to an item to get you started. like For sure one drops every 10 GRs solo above 50.

But, I can see people getting the AC power they want then even though you can only use one at a time, then slowly swapping to a different item and the power as they try to make more perfect gear and some are harder than others. Example. you start with the power on your weapon or necklace. WOW, you find a great ancient bow so you now use an AC to upgrade your necklace (which might take another 10 to 30).

I can see ACs as the same drop rate as Echoing Nightmares and gifts, about 15 to 1ish? I got about 100 last season at paragon 3000. Again 100 would be enough for a single hero only making one set of gear. If you dont think my math is right. Join the ptr. see how many it takes to either a god rolled perfect bow for endgame, or how many to get a starting item then a different one two or three more times…THEN think as a developer, who might want people to play more gear sets and more than ONE hero… add up all the classes you might play and different sets with different AC powers to try… i bet someone could go through 300 doing this pretty easy. 300 x 15 is 4500 rifts 10 minute average is 7500 hours of play time…rifting, not just speeding and bounties and other things.

POINT IS… you might be better off having them drop and be like Ramadalnis gifts just sitting in peoples stash collecting dust than have people lose hope because the drop rate is terrible for the average player.

You could also have the item being crafted using the AC not reroll all new stats? that would benefit people playing and looking at items and planning ahead for the future AC drop. Doing this would for sure reduce the amount of ACs needed. As my dad would say, if it better to have more than you need than plan poorly and not have enough.


The drop rate is really bad in PTR for AC’s.

You’re right about the roles required OP. To get a good weapon is hopeless as it can take up to 20-30 AC’s.

Yes, you could role it on a helm so you’re not chasing the damage range stat on a weapon but the outcome of power is still RNG. At the current drop rate you could be still hunting a good power for your build after days or weeks. Folks will burn out and leave… just like S26.

Make em drop more than Rama gifts too. It was suggested by another forum goer to have them drop like Ethereals drop rate. This is a start in the right direction but still not high enough for multiple builds.

Personally I think they should have 50% chance to drop on every GR you do. What’s the worst that can happen? After a while you have too many. Who cares? After a while we have too many DBs too. Whoop-de-doo.

Make em rain down Blizz or watch S27 become a drain instead of a grind.


well truth is you are right, you can only ever use one at a time so yeah they can rain it makes no difference. If by GR 70 you are not using a decent one then the whole season theme is a huge fail. What they could do just as a bonus is have one drop in the Echoing nightmare and 100 percent if you pass the cap of 150. They could also, since they nerfed the xp on these quote they ae from loot not xp… these should now drop bountry crafting mats because bounties are usesless after you get your season set challenge rewards and serve no purpose.


I can see it rolling a random power on any non-class specific legendary, but on a set piece or class specific legendary it needs to roll the right sanctified power.

So, for example, a Bul’Kathos sword would always roll the WW pull sanctified power, but if you want specific stats, higher damage, etc., then you have to use more AC. Maybe you have to go through a 100 of them for that perfect/GG weapon. Okay, at least it would still be usable with the ‘right’ sanctified power until that happens. So, you are not getting rid of RNG if that’s what Blizz devs are worried about. There still plenty of room for RNG.

You know that players will do it to many different items so they can change them for different builds. Some may want one for each set. Some may want one for each build of each set. The ‘time sink’ will always be there and give the player plenty to do so they will play through most if not all of season 27.

My experience in PTR…

I notice some major bias with the sanctified powers. Meaning, I saw the HoTA and Zerker sanctified power more than I did the WW pull one in a sword that is meant for WW/rend build. Same with WW/Rend armor pieces.

Waste of AC and more importantly, time.

I noticed the same when I tried roll the HoTA sanctified power on the IK armor pieces or the HoTA weapons. I saw the WW pull and Zerker sanctified power more than I did the HoTA one.

Seriously? That is the intended method? I guess that would make sense if they dropped like legendaries do or you have a high % chance (talking 80-85%) of getting one when you DE a legendary item instead of a forgotten soul, especially if it’s 1 for regular, 3 for ancient, and 15 for a primal.

Honestly, that’s messed up. All that will do is frustrated the players too much and cause them to quit, especially if they get really cruddy stat or damage rolls once they ‘finally’ get the sanctified power they are looking for.

For PTR, fine, especially since you opt’d not to have the GG drop rate anymore. Live? It won’t work. Unless you allow player to KEEP the sanctified items after Season 27, then by all means make the drops low so they will be a welcomed sight.

The numbers will vary, of course, from person to person but even estimating 10-30 AC per item will likely prove to be low.

From my experience on the PTR, I blew through several stacks of Angelic Crucibles simply trying to roll an amulet with one specific power, one type of elemental damage and the typical 10crit.

The drop rate of ACs needs to improve well beyond the numbers I’m finding currently.

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Agreed. I have spent 200-300 just trying to roll 1 item to be Ancient, with the power that I wanted, that had 1 specific attribute I was looking for.

Now that they’ve fixed it to ensure that it’s always Ancient, that’s less of an issue, and would likely drop that number down to 10 or 20, but that’s the ‘minimum’ roll based on my testing. If you want to get something that has the 3 or 4 stats that you want it to have, you could spend hundreds of them.

I’ve only seen about 3 of them naturally drop for me on PTR, but none of them was before hitting 900 paragon and 2 of them were from the start of a normal rift. So it looks like drop rates have improved, but by how much is unclear as yet.


I’ve spent thousands of them trying to get perfect stats + ancient, just counting ancient only rolls - still in the hundreds per item due to the power not being right or power is right and stats are wrong. Tbh it’s mostly the issue with item used, rolling an orb was the worst but less painful than cube rolling it, weapon and ring are easier. easiest will likely be… belt?

Actually got from a drop and not bags, I think I got only 1 naturally from rifting upto around 750p. Only tested a few builds and wasn’t pushing, and that’s my excuse for the low paragon >.>

Yeah, drop rate is kinda painful. If it’s kept as is, it won’t be players choosing their build, it will be the RNG that decides what build your playing.

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getting a lot of them doing greater rifts. much more common than potions and such. dont see where this would be an issue unless you expect to PL yourself with angelic powers…

Depends on what you mean by a lot. It can take up to 10 or more just to get the actual power you want, and many many more of them to get the correct affixes with the correct power all on the correct item.


I have been testing on and off for days mainly running GR 90 to 100 and Ive had 1 drop. Just 1.

The drop rate is silly especially once you pair it to a random outcome.

Make em rain :cloud_with_rain:


We were able to get around the low petrified scream drop rates in S26 by grouping and sharing.

But that’s obviously not going to apply to ACs… Ethereals and Soul Shards were successful as we could drop enough of these to get a version of the item with good enough stats to make our builds work. Soul Shards also had the benefit of the Darkening of Tristram event for farming up shards… we just needed the upgrade thingies to drop then.

Hopefully the end drop rate for ACs will be in line with the drop rates from these prior seasons.

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ive been leveling up some gems (so doing very fast grifts) and I see the white beams at a steady pace. its not like the EN keys, lol.

What GR level you hitting?

+15 tiers higher than the gem when im doing that, or as fast as possible highest possible if gold is not a problem. i get them all over the lvl range.

Im totally against increasing AC droprate

I think d3 should go back to the rare loot hunt diablo was know for


Game has evolved since 1999 and D3 aint some D2 or D1 clone. It has a different audience and the bulk of that audience doesn’t want to grind to para1k just to get a semi usable sanctified item.

You may want to but a dead season like s26 says differently.

If it rains AC’s and you’re not happy with having lots the you can just leave em and only pick up one every 3 to 4 days.

See problem solved.

Make em rain :cloud_with_rain:

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Well great thoughts guys and the people who say the drop rate is fine i am sure dont actually play or are casuals. The theme is the powers. I spend today trying the Barbarian. spend another 100 ACs testing and trying all three builds. IF the drop rates stay 15 to 1 or worse expect people to just play one class and one variation. Blizz will be telling people, dont bother playing more than one class or variant because only the grinders will put all that effort into several classes. No matter what, even if they are dropped in every GR you can only ever have 1 item at a time. Personally i would like to see them drop as a percent in the EN runs. 150 being 100 percent because they got nerfed into uselessness now. they are no longer even part of the class tier guides people do.


The other issue is that by the time you’ve gotten enough to finally roll an item to what you needed, you probably have found an ancient/primal that’s equally good or better, just without the power.

Then you need to start rolling a different item if you want to optimize.
You should really get such an abudance of them that people just end up leaving them on the floor.

It’s not like too many of them will have any negative impact, or make people too powerful.

In addition, make it work on all levels of items. Let people actually level with the powers during the season, because for the most part the powers are barely noticeable by the time you’re currently able to make use of them. It’s only a few select builds that actually gain any noticable power from them.


I agree the drop rate is stupid low, I am on ptr 800 para and ive found 1 AC… if this drop rate stays the same i will not play this season. takes around 30 AC’s each item. i would love to start DH then transition to impale strafe but that would require 60+ AC’s. not to mention my end game build would be Lod WOL… have them drop in packs of 21 done ez. your welcome


I think some of you people are exaggerating a little. Surely drop rate feels a tad low, but not super low. Just like with previous similar seasons.
In my opinion there’s no need to have a single perfect piece of gear at paragon 800. Most important would be getting one item with correct special effect at reasonable time. I don’t understand why all (or any) other rolls should be perfect immediately.

In my opinion it’s good not to have perfect item immediately, getting couple of perfect or close to perfect items before paragon 3k would be nice though.
It’s a loot hunt game. It’s nice to have lots of things to hunt / improve also after first 50h of play. Otherwise season becomes boring faster.

I got at least 5 ACs before paragon 800. This is quite a lot considering I only did highish GRs related to my paragon level due to getting all gear right away.