People Camping in Town during Public Bounties

It bothers me when I see them in public GR games. They click ok to open a GR then afks in town or in front of door, waiting till RG dies to just pick up items and get gem upgrades. I’m fine with leechers in a private game when they ask for help and I accept, but seeing leechers in public is annoying. It’s not that hard to join an in-game community and asking for help, dont join random public games hoping someone lets you leech… Leave private alone and just add auto-kick feature for afk in only public games.


Keep trying to kick them. Eventually you will be able to. Don’t give up the first time around.


Don’t play pubs if you can’t deal with the public.


Don - spoken like a true camper/leech.


Ever checked your gear? Before you complain about others, start to improve yourself. Once you get good gear ask in a community for bounty runs. Mostly players in community partys are way more tryhard than public randoms. But yeah what should i expect from a rend barb guy using skull grasp…


I’d expect you to know that it’s a perfectly valid gear choice for speedfarming, as per the Whirlwind/Rend guide on the Barb forum…

Which says…

Bounties are my preferred content and slackers ruin the game for me. Leechers should have their key banned. I stopped joining open public bounty games a long time ago, but even using the community features I’m still doing 8 or 9 of the bounties every single run. I just get frustrated and close the game.

I wish Blizzard would institute some kind of mmr or elo so that people could demand a minimum score. Right now in the communities people add “min 1500 para” but that’s a horrible proxy for who is fast. I’m still doing 9 bounties in a game with three Demon Hunters above 3k paragon.


Most of the time people that hang in town are leeching. I have seen it all too. There should be some rules on bounties everybody follows. But there isn’t any just the ones made up by the people hope people follow.

I was in a bounty game one time. There was a guy hanging in town. I said something to him. He comes back says I’m working my gear. I said this not time to work on your gear. He does one bounty goes back to town again.

I said something else to him. You ready for this I was kick from the game. I have done one act and was work on the next one. I sent a message to one of the other people. I said you kick me working on bounties and left a guy leeching in the game.

I had one yesterday were I was working a bounty with a boss. There was a whole other act to do. I have another player go flying by me. I said what the hell doing in here with me? When we have another act to do nothing from him.

The other one that piss me off is you start a bounty at the start. I’ll wait a few sec and double check to make sure I’m the only one in there. Start the bounty and finish it. Go to do another one and wait there is somebody else in there with me too. Plus we have 2 other acts to do too.

To the OP:
We have a lot of mindless, moron, disrespectful people & cheaters that play this game. Yes you would like to doing something about it. But you get to a point can you really do any thing. Or do you just to live with it.

this been happening in ps4 for awhile. the real issue is when they hind inside an act. by the time you realize they’re not participating, you’ve already completed 1 an act. you just have to keep an eye on the players to see if they moving to different acts. you may have to just finish your current act and then quit the game, which is exactly what they want from you.

personally i think there should be a player vote out another player system. majority wins to boot a player.


Agree 100%. One time I noticed a guy camping, could not kick him, when there was one act left he wrote “sorry guys I was organizing my stash”.
There were other instances of ppl not knowing what they’re doing, but this one just blew my mind, and it was on EU HC. I can’t even imagine what’s happening on SC.

bots, HUDS, parasites, it’s like RL.
put some humans together and problems start.


I don’t like using votekick, but yes sometimes it is needed. Incorporate 2-minute autokick (public D3 games only) similar to Heroes of the Storm’s autokick for inactivity or not following game setup. If public bounty game, don’t allow GRs nor rifts to be started. Same goes for public GRs, can’t create rifts. One thing though, quit having us join public GR games with less than 90% completed.

Doesn’t apply to private games.


It is the same thing in GR or Rifts. You doing them and somebody will start doing bounties too. The whole game is broke and they are not going to fix it either.

When this game came out people played it as a team play game. When the ROS add-on came out it was a team play game. Today all it is a big free for all. Most people don’t care on what you doing no team play. It is all about themselves and that is it.

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A couple seasons ago it wasn’t possible to join GR games with an active rift. They had it in the patch notes that now you can join GR games that are in progress. It blew my mind. Who could even come up with such an idea and then argue that it was a positive change? There is literally not a single redeeming aspect to the change.


Free’s guide is the de facto guide for the build.
Having looked at your armoury page, you really should read it.

Did you bother to check my heroes before making that comment?

…or, spoken like someone who is willing to carry someone once in a while in exchange for the convenience of a quick group?

There’s a trade off. Not all public groups are bad. In fact very few bounty groups I have played actually have bots or leechers.


Anywho, back to Darkest Dungeon.

For rift games this is not needed, since someone plows through the lead anyway and the others can run behind and pickup, or wait in town, or whatever. Nobody cares.
I have been in good public parties, someone calls a 5min break and everyone agrees. No need for 2 min autokick there.

Are you picking the easy ones? You can do act1 while someone else does the damned act3 barracks or scrapes up 150 mobs in the blood marshes.

Your loss. Even with one rotten apple in the basket 3 guys can do it way faster than you solo.
You can always kick or leave the party if it’s really bad.

My experience with public bounties is mostly positive. Some may carry more weight than others but everyone is helping along anyway. People help if you have trouble with a certain boss too.

I haven’t done public bounties this season in about 2 weeks, too busy paragon farming and I joined a pretty cool clan.

But when I was doing them, I didn’t have too much problem with leechers or botters or what have you. I usually completed close to two acts before the game was over.

But there was one, where a guy came across a rainbow and didn’t call it out. He went in and the first mob was Princess Lillian. Now I wasn’t all that upset because I already have the Cosmic Wings, but boy the other guys were pretty mad about it.

On that same note, there’s been a couple of other games where a Rainbow would open and everybody would stop doing bounties to clear it. I’d tell them to save it for after, but nope.

I still did the bounties. Completed 3 acts while they were clearing that. Would I have liked to join in on the Rainbow? Damn straight! But I had already lost out on half loot so there was no sense in joining them.

Anyway, I wish everybody would just follow the unwritten rule of saving portals, cows, rainbows, and vaults, for when the bounties are frickin’ done. The frickin’ portal isn’t going anywhere.

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Maybe they’re social distancing.

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Are you picking the easy ones?

No, I just pick an act and go. I just click on the first yellow exclamation point I see. When I finish the first quest I open the map and click on the very next one I see then during the teleport animation I open the map again to read what the quests in my act are to see if any of them are cursed chests that I need to activate before doing the third quest.

I literally just joined a game, did Act 2 thinking “Hmm, I wonder if this is actually the slowest act and conventional wisdom is wrong, maybe it’s not act 5…” I was thinking that because I got Clear 150 mobs in desert sands and the place is practically empty, and clear level 2 of this cave. The entrance to level 1 is on the other side of this huge map LUL.

I finished the act, go to act 5, and curiosity got me. I opened the map and look at everyone elses act. Two of them are on their fourth bounty and one of them (a WD, and the guy who arranged the group in the community chat) is on his third.

I did 8 and then sat in town stewing in my own rage, while the rest of them finished. Then I took the last bag and left. Closed the client.

I wish so desperately that there was an option to do bounties solo with caches dropping 4x the reward.

Even with one rotten apple in the basket 3 guys can do it way faster than you solo.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mad when one person is inconsiderate and just screwing around wasting your time.

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