Patch 2.7 re-balancing mega wish-list

Haha. I is hard. I just finish reading your skill improvement post.

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I’m going to ask for this, once again.

Please, please make Elemental Arrow viable for the first time in years. Add a large multiplier to Kridershot, do something, anything. The skill is great and we have sets that compliment it already. The only thing that needs to be done is placing a large multiplier to the damage on some item.

It’s really that simple. Please, please, please buff it. We don’t need a new set that overcomplicates the ability. Please just buff the damage.


These kind of “all-in-one” posts are really hard for me to wrap my head around. It’s probably best that they stay in the class specific forms to be honest.

The question is if the CM’s are looking there (regularly), so if these thready only get posted in the class forums, they might not even be noticed by the CM’s or not being forwarded to the devs since maybe less people care.

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You can click on the link for each class and go to the discussion of that specific class. I just linked them here to make it more convenient to read.


Thanks for the share, links and thoughts. This definitely took a lot of time and love so thanks for this! I look forward to finishing up the read(s).


It’d be real nice if Asheara’s Vestments just straight had your mercs summoned 100% of the time, any of the past seasons I always secretly had hopes that I could get enough augments on their gear, get their stats high enough for them to be relevant… I mean the proc is nice but it’d be better if it was consistent, also be nice if they could get more crit damage but something like 1250% bonus follower damage would put enough flavor in the game i’d probably jump back on just to try and make the set work…

I remember actually getting the enchantress to have some decent throughput back in like season 7-10 (can’t remember) exactly, had enough + elite damage with furnace, sojs etc that she actually could put out 125 mill or so which is trash now but it was still a fun goal to work towards… Similarly bul-katho’s drain always felt like a nice bonus to the mercs aoe throughput, negligible now though with people reaching GR’s 100+ but a fun enough concept I’d jump back on just to play with…


Don’t forget 300th Spear & Skular’s bracers.

You pointed out how reliant Monks are on cooldowns and Epiphany right off the bat, but failed to do the same for Crusaders and Akarat.


For the balancing patch, are the developers looking primarily to modify “the numbers” on class set bonuses or on items or a combination of both?

I don’t need any balancing. I need a weapon.

Hey, I also made a a few extensive feedback threads.

Maybe you can send it over as well when you are already at it, that is unless this is not the kind of feedback you are looking for:

For possible Skill Changes:

For possible Quality of Life Changes:

In that regards, it would be interesting to know what kind of feedback you and the devs are looking for and what not, because that would also make it easier for the community to provide the correct feedback to you.

Maybe you can give us some information about that, so we don’t spend too much time with writing feedback that will go nowhere since it would be useless for you.

Thank you!


In the past, they mostly have done both.

I see a lot of ‘rebalancing’ by making underpowered items stronger, but nothing about making the top builds weaker. This game is getting far too easy with all of the power creep, it needs to stop.


In the unlikely event this ever sees the eyes of the dev team.

Make sure part of ur 2.7 balance patch is to overhaul the Proc Coefficients of all skills.
That damn hidden stat is the reason half the Legenderies in the game with ‘on hit’ effects are unusable.

The last time something was nerfed using the hidden proc stat was when Inarius Necro was successfully using Mirinae Teardrop gem procs with its Bone Tornado.
it was hella fun, but ofc the inevitable happened.

Activison HQ:
Monitor : Warning! fun detected.
Monitor : Inarius Bone Tornado proc rate too high
Monitor : Initiating nerf
Monitor : Proc coefficient now 0.1
Monitor : Fun levels now returning to minimal levels.



I really hope all sets will be created equal at least in terms of solo, and there will no longer be a meta we are pushed into, but rather one of personal preference and individual skill.


There are tons of cool things in those changes :slight_smile: would love to see at least some of them happening :slight_smile: but… for me Mythic Rythm change is the one that i’m waiting for… i love Uliana build but that stupid mechanic with Mythic Rythm is unplayable :confused: it’s not about players skill… it’s just annoying :confused: and since right now Uliana can’t compete on leaderboards it’s totaly pointless to force yourself to use that counterintuitive mechanic :confused:

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Akkhan set, the Akkhan awakening enable permanent uptime with 56% cooldown, but for monk, they need a 66% cooldown for permanent uptime.

The monk have it worst. Also I suggest adding cooldown for seeker of the light set, as it is a mid ranged build and Akkhan awakening don’t work well for the setup.

Sorry, I meant Akarat’s Champion, the cooldown. It’s a staple of 'sader builds just as much as Epiphany is for Monks.

Alternatively, and additional effect can be added to the Monks Epiphany skill that states:
"The effect of Cooldown Reduction is increased by xx% on Epiphany".

For example when the effects of CDR are increased by 50% on Epiphany, and you have 40% CDR, then it will effect Epiphany as if you have 60% CDR…

… or with an alternative calculation:
1000.60.8 = 48 = 52% CDR.

Then it simply increases the CDR you already have instead of having to add new ones.

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