Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended (Update 6/11)

The 2 piece got buffed from 50% to 200% so a 300% increase, but it can drop off, so prob 6 gr’s at most.

I’m not going to judge 30,000% set damage until we confirm what the 4-pc bonus is actually doing. If Strafe’s Primary Skills become superior to regular fired Primary Skills, it could make up for the missing 50% damage. (like 3 extra projectiles flying out of the Demon Hunter when strafing – wouldn’t that be nice)?

Thanks for the DH fixes, But all the tons off feedback on the Necro set? But no skills added, mechanics or damage on the Necro set was touched? Please.
I’ll have to Main DH then for a change. After leveling season start with CE that is. Great work there/ :slight_smile:

Well, numbers can be fiddled after the PTR. Making the mechanics work properly is more important.

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You must be kidding right?! Is that all the fixes you are going to provide?! Didnt you notice what everyone been telling you about how weak those sets are?! Do you really want to kill the 2 classes forever?! Then why not just remove them from the game.?! Duh.

Me and the CMS are not having a good day. Just pretend that is Red like Diablo’s skin :stuck_out_tongue:


when the patch is going live any idea?

I’m guessing it takes more than 3 days to come up with new items to actually make the class feel powerful right? Because the notes as they stand basically say “sorry necro’s, you’re fine, you don’t need changes”, and that is some messed up sheet.

I get it’s too quick to add new items, but perhaps some feedback to say what you ARE working on for the Necro would be great.

The Final Service thing is nice, but honestly if people are using MoBC and Final Service, they’re probably playing the class wrong anyway.
The teleporting sims isn’t going to really make any difference either, without changing the damage.

So please, tell us what is actually being worked on but just wasn’t ready yet… or are we just screwed?

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No changes to the Impale bonus on HPS.
Oh, well.


To DH got a really significant buff !

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I guess I don’t understand why they think Necro was fine as is? You guys remember that the Necromancer is a paid class right? Because it doesn’t seem like it. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Thanks for keeping us in the know Pez, you are doing a great job

Not any necro buff … what a joke :rofl:

And not even sure if the DH buff is enough.

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Looks like you guys have Made awesome update on the new DH set. Hopefully the new set can perform as it’s description. Good job! :wave:

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Just got kicked from PTR with a message that it was out of date so I guess the server’s currently being patched. No update hitting the Battlenet launcher as yet but should be soon guys…

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Patch got downloaded but now can’t get logged in. Says “Patch required”. Guess PTR patching isn’t finalized yet.

Same issue, patch got downloaded and installed but i get the same “Patch Required” error…

It’s 4PM in USA right ? So server up in 1 to 3 hours or something.

Thankyou for the update and changes looking forward to testing it .

PTR Update is now LIVE.

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