Patch 2.6.9 PTR begins May 28!

When have they postponed/delayed/rescheduled a PTR? I can not recall an occasion.

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Edit: It is next week.

Lets hope that additional time yields a stable patch!
2.6.8 has some nasty bugs.

Looks like they tested some of the Theorycrafting posted here, and there was simply too much fun to be had… Will return next week after those things are removed.

I bet they are pre-nerfing due to how the new set interactions were calculating in fun ways and were not painful enough to play their way…:roll_eyes:

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I second this. Next week starts on the 25th. The week after starts on June 1st. I know it is easy think this month is already done because of the whole Memorial Day thing happening this weekend. Also, crazy virus work from home messing us all up.

Apologies - 5/24! Updated the topic :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping me checked on my calendar skills :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got to remember to stop taking days off according to your schedule.


Please include some wizard buffs to the ptr.


Thanks for the quick correction.

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The week of 5/24 is not a start date. Which day of the month should we expect the PTR to be up? Its ok if you have to push it back, but give us a date not a week.


Presumably, it was intentionally vague (next week) and depends on how long it takes to fix things. If Blizzard said Wednesday and it took until Thursday to iron things out, the forum would erupt.


Really? What a joke…


We are having fun watching the thread title change. Tuesday the 26th? 25th is Memorial Day.

Right… and targeting a week will force players to constantly recheck which will cause them to stew. Just delay it indefinitely and re-announce to remove expectations.

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Well my pandemic memorial long weekend plan is Testing demon hunter’s new set. Now I gotta find something to do.

Your suggestion is another way to handle it PR-wise. It is one of those situations where no matter what there will be criticism. I think that I got used to soon™ so it does not bother me as much anymore.


Sometimes i wonder how many people work d3 department? 1? 2? Because diablo 3 department gives feels like small indie company on its alpha…

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You mean the Classic Games team. It is not a big team. They handle D3 game updates.

The Diablo franchise as a whole which has D4, Publishing, Community, etc. is much bigger. They don’t do the D3 programming though.

The date is not given because they don’t know how long it will take to fix, or what other issues may arise during the fix. Some things are not found until you push the build out to a live environment.

If they can set a date, they will do so and update us.

I am just glad they did not string us along all day hoping for it, then make us wait for tomorrow, or the next day.

Setting expectations in a timely way lets us make other plans.


even a small indie company would be able to handle such situations better imo… it kinda feels like there isnt even a d3 department and they let some trainees do the stuff


I agree. Its just that I will be distracted by other things/games and potentially realize the PTR is up late day 4 or 5. S-20 had a nice season theme, but has been underwhelming, so I was going to distract myself with theorycrafting/testing on PTR. Oh well… time to hit the EpicGames store and grab that free Civ-6 game for Windows… yet another launcher… /roll_eyes

…and yes for those who might be interested, the Civ-6 game is free on EpicGames store (EGS) only and its for Windows only at EGS. If you go to Steam its regular price but both Win and Linux.