Patch 2.6.6 PTR has ended


They just shut down the PTR servers. :disappointed:

Patch 2.6.6 PTR Has Concluded.


And they haven’t learned a damn thing.

Mark my wooooords


Yep, and we got a great amount of feedback. Not all of it will be able to be acted on for 2.6.6 (particularly if it was given in regards to something not new to this patch), but we’ve made several changes already as a result of community feedback.

I’ve also put the PTR forums into read-only mode until we need them again; this way you can reference any posts you (or I) made during PTR indefinitely. :slight_smile:


TYVM Nevalistis, don’t let the trolls get to you. We know that a lot of it is out of your hands. :+1:


Thanks for the update! Looking forward to adjustments and hoping some of our feedback resulted in new options for builds. Cheers!


A lot of negative feedback about the random spawning of circles. Really hope that is going to be changed. Hope to hear about S18 start date soon!


whenever I read your comments I really want to play
Thank you
thanks for always being the best devil DIABLO forever young


Lol “a lot of changes” that noone wants or asked for. Just wait.


Ah, so that’s why I got an error replying to your post regarding stash there.

Brandy, we have been through all this. You explained in detail about the actors concept and how the extra items are shared in the client to all players with the old engine.
Which does not explain how the game keeps running fine when 4 players with full stashes buy packs from the PTR vendor and litter them all over the place.

Anyway, you could solve the whole issue easily by rebalancing the stash to like 5 global tabs and 5 tabs per character. So we had both a huge increase in space and a reduction of the actors in game. This would really help people. As of now we sadly don’t have space for Cpt Crimsons, Squirts and all the other new items.


where can we see changes?


I want to know , what changes was made from feedback?


I have a bad fealing you’re right DjAetius :disappointed:

Players asked about Crafting materials AUTO pickup by pets FOR YEARS and Nothing was done…

Players asked for improving Ramaladins Gift by allowing it to add sockets to rings and amulets and guess what again - NOTHING :angry:

Followers pretty much are just crowd control slaves and suck compared to D2 LoD mercenaries :confused:

Blizz ads another Torment difficulty levels, but forgets to buff all legendaries to be able to at least do T13-14 :cry: If every legendary was buffed to at least T13 level, this could open a lot of more build possibilities :expressionless:

Paragon System is Outdated and pretty much the main reason why we have only 1 or 2 builds for highier greater rifts per class, so leaderboards pretty much look like attack of the clones… :roll_eyes:

and a lot more…


Just me or is nothing changed from the ptr patch notes? Where are those adjustments? And what are they?


Is your opinion
Noy mi opinion


Hopefully they will give us some updated PTR notes soon like we usually get after changes have been made. Looking forward to reading them. :+1:


Oh boy, reporting just comes natural to that one.

Back to the topic. Someone knows if/when these changes are visible?


Look up the post history of AranTomerVal, ValentinAran, and ELOHIM on the old forums. I think the ATV accounts got changed to all ELOHIM. Note the Btag numbers are different despite the same posting format. Searching threads referencing the older names shows them changed to the new name - over 3 bnet accounts.

Not sure if same person, but the pattern is nearly identical. Also easy to confuse with R2F.

EDIT - regardless, try not to get baited. Just report and move on.


Nothing will change on PTR patch notes, the PTR is over, we won’t get to see what they’ve changed till 2.6.6 goes live.


That’s not exactly true, Masterjay.

When Season 17 is about to end there will be a Season 18 preview and when there is a new patch which comes with a season then the patch notes are also included.

At least, I think it has been that way, every time.


Yeah, I know about that person. I was around the old forum as well on/off.
I usually don’t bite to people like that. But I just can’t stand getting accused of things I’ve never wrote nor meant.
Asking a simple question and then getting bashed on… Like what the…
But nothing I can do really other than reporting and move along.

I just fear nothing has changed. And want to see what they actually did. Or didn’t do.