Patch 1.38 AKA patch 2.70 Firebird meesed up

Hello guys, patch is up for season 23 but firebird 6 piece bonus is only 2000% damage instead of 5000%. Is this going to be fixed?

Re: it’s fixed now

This could be just a description error. Keep in mind that patches need to be approved by the console manufacturers (as far as I know) and the Firebird rebuff was announced only the past Friday which could mean the console patch was approved as it was before the buff and the 6p bonus is then merely adjusted with a hotfix.

The PC version isn’t patched yet so I can’t check if it’s the description has the same issue there as well.

I’m looking at it right now (on PS5) and it says 5k…


It says 5k now on xbox as well. Scariest 45 minutes of my life… lol.


Ok, it must not have been updated totally. It now says 5K.