Password Update - April 15, 2020

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Wowza…seems…an oversight.


“Play Diablo III through”. We should only be able to play like this anyway. Many cheaters would be busted.


A patch on june 9th . Interresting :wink:


Hi there Cydra! Thanks for tackling yet another CM role at Blizz on top of your other ones! I appreciate the support, even if it is temporary! Enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:

Not really. An oversight would be not realizing the old D3 client could not handle longer passwords and ignoring it.

They are not ignoring it. They know about the issue, but can’t get it fixed before the security rollout needed to go live.

They warned us about it, gave us a fix date, and told us how to ensure we can still log in using the Bnet launcher.

This will only impact people who do two things:

-Change their password to be longer than 16 chars
-Use the launch command instead of the launcher (or try to log in again via the D3 client if DCed).

I am honestly very glad they are making security improvements AND that they were honest about the temporary issue with the old D3 client.


Welcome to the D3 Forums Cydra and

or more than 16 characters. :smiley:

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It is not a game patch but an infrastructure patch.

My recollection is Patch 2.6.8 went live March 3. Season 20 started March 13. It still will be a few weeks before the next PTR is released assuming that coronavirus has not delayed things. Patch 2.6.9 at the earliest would be in mid-late June assuming season 20 last 3 months.

This would create a problem for multiboxers which is allowed by Blizzard.

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So the logic is sell more game licenses? Same logic can apply to bounty bots. Sell more game licenses.

How many people you know who multibox? I dont know anyone.
How many people you know who bot? I know many players how bot.

I do not know the numbers that fall into each category (multiboxers vs. cheaters). I suspect that there are more cheaters. I do not think that a login change would have a long-lasting effect on cheater numbers.

A number of years ago the Blizzard site was hacked and we were told then to update our passwords.

At that time the password limit was at least 24/26 character length.

I changed mine at that time and it worked for years until a couple years ago when Blizzard announced they were dropping the password length to 16 characters.

I changed mine to 16 and all has been well since.

Really a bit of a roller coaster ride if you ask me.

So now we change our passwords back to 24/26 in length?

If you want to, sure. There is no requirement to do that. There is no current security incident causing this. This is just an over all security update because people keep asking for it.

Just keep in mind if you do change it, you need to always log in with the Launcher.

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On most web sites I log in to I have used 26 length alpha-numeric-punc for years.

A small number of websites are stuck back with max 12 character alpha-numeric username/pass.

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Most probably because people tend to use same password for different services. People don’t like to have few different passwords due to restrictions. Hack someones facebook and you can probably play games with his account xD

2 factor Authentication is way more important than password length.


Only a troll or legitimate moron can make an issue out of this post. It is clearly and eloquently stated that there is a issue, they are aware of it, it’s going to get fixed, and in like 99.9% of cases it wont affect your life in any way. Besides, if you’re using an authenticator your password can basically be 12345

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Hello. Any plans to post an equivalent sticky on the EU forums too?


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That’s how I do it. I didn’t know you could play D3 any other way.

Welcome Cydra. Warm hugs.

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do you gyus know a way to get a game master from blizzard at the moment for help pls