Passives for WW/Rend with new patch?

I used Ambo’s, zodiac and band of might last season, as I was wearing F&R. Now that season is over I cant have 2 rings as passives, what are you guys using?

Kanai: Ambo/MoC/BoM

Jewellery: Zodiac/CoE/FoT

Weapons: Istvan’s set (push), BK set (farm).

I’m no pro though, there’s possibly a better option for the armour slot in Kanai. I’m just lazy, and it seemed a good fit.

Some high paragon peeps I saw were using Doombringer/Ambo as weapons, but I can’t remember what they were using in Kanai.

Free’s guide stickied in the Barb forums is a good place for advice on this build. He is very thorough.

This is from a couple patches ago, but no changes have been made to the build since then.

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If you can get a good BoM, you’re probably better off putting Zodiac in the cube, as it’s rolls are fixed, meaning you can never get Crit Damage or Area Damage, and you have to roll off one of the stats for a gem slot.


Just follow the guide stickied in this forum. The non-Season build hasn’t changed, and there are no anticipated differences for S21.