Paragon movement speed

Can’t we just leave the cap at 50 points for movement speed instead of making it to where I need 4 times as many points? That is seriously annoying. I’ve completed almost every season, and I have NEVER reached 600 paragon. I make it up to 550 to 580 or so by the end. I can understand if you’re chasing the leader boards, but I just like to play through it and then do something else. I don’t even need 550 to complete the season, that’s just how much I end up with by the time I get my 3 gems to 70 and all that. I could complete the season with 400.

If there was an option to start with all the movement speed and cap paragon at 400, I would absolutely take that.

It’s rather surreal to see 0 threads complaining about movement and at least a dozen complaining about the paragon cap. And that’s just what I can see scrolling through the page. I didn’t search for a total. People really like grinding paragon I guess.

Here’s one.

And another one:

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Even faster if you got petrified screams to drop as whispers counts towards those leveled gem requirements.


Okay, so there are a couple, still a lot more of the other though.

Strange it will not let me reply to 2 separate people. Funny enough, even with the petrified screams, which make it quicker, I still end up with the same number of levels. Probably because of how much XP you get from petrified screams and higher level greater rifts.

No they couldn’t , everything must be 200 cap now but what they could have done was make it 0.25 instead of 0.125 to hit the 50% cap, or have the option for only 100 points to get 25% movement which is completely fair.

No clue why they didn’t do this, because their argument was 0.50 in the 200 cap was 100% movement which is too much, agreed - but 50% isn’t. That ensures we don’t have to waste gearing slots on it.

But no just another good reason to make S29 one and done after seasonal journey rewards.

Aren’t there enough ways to be blindingly fast without paragon points in movement speed anyhow?

And there is also the choice to have movement speed on boots?

Not saying that you’re not allowed to be against the paragon system in s29.

If they thought movement speed was OP, they could have left that one as an exception capped at 50.

Yes, I can have it on boots but that only goes to +12.

This is just latest example of everyone getting shafted because a handful min/max streamers abused something. This one is particularly arbitrary and pointless. And clearly they don’t think movement speed is overpowered as they are making that altar thing part of the whole game.

I think it’s bleed-through from D4. There are folks there very concerned about people having too much fun.

Certainly not. You can’t have to much speed.


You typically need movement speed at fresh 70, this is when paragon MS kicks in and new system time gates you. Less problem when you ve assembled sets and ready for T16s.

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