Option to retire early from season


it’s all over but the yawning, at this point.

but i would prefer not to have to set an alert or keep babysitting the blizz news feeds etc. for the next 75 days to know when you are going to do the horrible misanthropic move of putting all my good gear i found into the mail, where it can be lost forever if I don’t respond in time.

there should be a way for me to lock down my gear in advance to prevent it being deleted … a way that doesn’t involve having to babysit my account.


(Matthew Cederquist) #2

Hey STG!

We’ve thought of this as well, but in the end moved away from it because we feel as though our Seasons bring a lot of change and gameplay every 3 months. If you’d like to stay in Non-Season…that’s cool too!

Thanks again for the feedback


this seems like a reasonable, but minor suggestion.

But I doubt it will get implemented. It has drawbacks.

For example, you play in season and you decide to quit. You send all of your gear to off-season.
Then, 4 weeks later, a mood strikes you to play a bit. But you look back and think against it, because you don’t want to level up again and all your gear is already gone.
Situations like that is what goes directly against Blizzard’s interests.
In fact, you babysitting your account is what they are directly interested in.


Put all your precious primals, or whatever, in your season hero’s inventory and delete the rest. If you have more good stuff make a season mule to store it on.


What gave ya that idea? Maybe the part where he said they’re not doing it? Good job, Sherlock. :rofl:


I started writing that post before the Blue was available. It’s independent from that.

Good job, Sherlock, you failed to think of a valid explanation and decided to troll uselessly instead.


This is my solution as well. I move everything I don’t want to lose into the character inventory bag. Then I can safely ignore the game until I want to come back. OR if I want to play some more season my char and gear are all safely still there.


They won’t be lost until 30 days after your fist login after receving the mail. That is, if you stop playing for a year from now and didn’t login to your account until Dec 2 2020, boom! You will see your S19 items mailed to you, and you still have 30 days to deal with them. This happened to me although I didn’t leave for a year; only skipped one season.


I know that the season rollover blog says that, but we have seen many many reports on the Bug Report Forum that items were lost after 30 days even without logging in. To be on the safe side, people should put good gear in the char’s bags, or make sure to log in and get the mail.


Start the season over on the other realms.


Hmm, good reminder. I actually think those are probably false reports (e.g. login to but didn’t start game), but who can guarantee there is no bug :rofl:


The mood has never struck me to return to a season after I complete my goals. The game-play in seasons has never been better and drastically different enough from non-season.

The difference between normal and hardcore is bigger. Despite the fact that I never really go far enough on a hardcore character to have to worry about dying. I only mess around with hardcore. Rogue Likes and Rogue Lights are not my “cup of tea (or coffee)”