Opt out for Diablo Immortal MTX

if as they say the games purchases are truly optional then give players an means to opt in and out of by having a toggle that hides all pop ups and the ingame shop completely

once used anything that is a part of the paid shop is no longer seen in any form whatsoever as well as the cap limit is removed giving players the chance to enjoy the entire game without being gated by a sales pitch in order to advance

after all Blizzard has said its not required to buy anythign to enjoy the game right? so then why not prove it by removing the money and time gates so players can enjoy the game as they see fit

people that want to spend money to enjoy it they will still have that option and those that dont want to see the intrusive ads can also enjoy their game without seeing any prompt to buy stuff since the settings allow them to completely turn all ads or other sugestions off

there everyone wins

I got 2 pop ups to level 60. Then some red diamonds I could overlook. The ads for a free game is really really low, compared to a whole lot of things.

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Maybe a bit more than 2, basically once after every dungeon the first time. Other than that, if somone is annoyed at a red dot pointing them to the store, they really need to get over it. I haven’t noticed nor checked it in weeks.

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I only remember getting it twice. Perhaps 4 times. It was rather easy to turn off and not notice. For a free game, this was really not that bad, compared to a lot of things with ads.

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I know. It’s hilarious how upset some people are over this game. Obviously they can’t just let it go and ignore the little red diamond, since they still have to be mad about a game they probably don’t play and never intended to play.


The ads in this game is the very least thing people should complain about. I used an app that had 1/4 of the screen with ads… Horrible.
Just go turn on the tv, would be a nightmare for those that complain about ads in DI

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It seems to me if they offered a mode that turned off mtx and started removing gates that’d be sort of like admitting those mtx weren’t all that optional.

Blizzard was the ones that said ingame purchases WERENT mandatory and they would have no impact on actual gameplay yet you notice the players that did pay money are in fact more powerful than those that didnt

Well yeah, they lied about it.

I just don’t think they want to admit that, directly or indirectly.

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I believe it is once per dugeon/boss.
And once every 10 BP levels.

The BP reminder is a full screen ad but it is easily dismissed (no forced 30s commercial) and it only appears 4 or 5 times per season.

I just want the option to turn off the alerts I know I don’t want. (Eg pvp battleground is open)

I never got them so plentiful. I think I got them around 4 times or so. And then the daily red diamonds. But they are easy to overlook.

Or the shadow lottery…


yeah the problem is though they cant or wont deny it either since it would only further come back to bite them theyve already stepped into something they cant wipe off of their shoes and they still are trying to pretend nothing is wrong

Plausible deniability only works when the people in charge have no knowledge of anything going on and lets be honest here the entire internet has told them nearly the same thing since 2018 they seriously cant expect us to beleive they had NO clue what is happening?

either the people running Blizzard are idiots or theyve purposely ignored the problems thinking itll absolve them of all responsibility


Fixed that for ya.

You’re welcome!

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i just find it mindboggling how anyone could rationally defend Blizzard on this

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Thrown in the deep end m8! Sink or swim?

unfortunately Blizzard is headed for an iceberg and everyone is going into the drink its only a matter of time given the fact the negativity for DI is growing more each day

Haven’t defended a thing. Just because I think the game is fun as a free player doesn’t mean I agree with some of the extreme P2W stuffs. I just don’t need to drone on about it like a petulant child. I can choose to ignore it by not making any purchases and dropping the game when I feel I have hit that progression paywall.

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It’s less about plausible deniability and more that the standard operating procedure for a lot of companies when there’s an outrage like this is to just ignore it in the hopes that it goes away.

Even if they do address it, they almost never actually admit fault. The best you get is “we could have done better, and will learn from this going forward” generic PR speak(and spoilers: they almost never learn what we wanted them to learn from it).

Which unfortunately we’ve partially gotten to that place because half the time people will actually just forget about it the moment the next outrage comes along, which with gaming usually isn’t more than a few weeks away.

I suspect that people running Blizzard are far more concerned about the inability to launch the game in China than about the outrage over the predatory monetization system.

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yeah weve heard that song and dance before Blizzard makes it a standard tactic the moment they step on a landmine and theyre running out of feet to sacrifice