Open Lines of Communication please

I have been monitoring the Forums this week, and I have noticed absolutely nothing from anyone at Blizzard. I understand that D3 is far down the totem pole, but it be nice if someone would at least post a “Hello World” once a week to let people like me, who love D3, know that you realize there are still people out here playing. Thank you for all your hard work - I get it. :slight_smile: Happy Friday everyone.

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Blizzard’s promised ImprovedCommunication™ is arriving soon™.

how soon is now ???

How long did you monitor Blizzard’s activity? A week? We’re lucky if we get one direct response (this excludes announcements, like when a season starts, etc.) to a question once in 3-4 months.

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It’s good business to not talk to your customers
it’s good friendship to not talk to your friend

Blizzard essentially block button’d us.
Wayyy too much power to put i people’s hands in a 1 mode way of communication world.

The mature way to handle things is to talk things over. avoiding talking and for a long time is like 1st grade behavior. “look we dont want to talk right now bc this that” is better than “…”.

Try reddit or discord someone stated the devs are more active there than on the official forum

for those who don’t know, this is how it used to be in the past:

why would they talk to you?
you have billion dollar company that fires people when they do good, why would any of those devs talk to you?
no mcdonalds worker wants anyones opinion