On a Different Note, How About Those Yankees?

Games, Baseball, Playoffs… Looks like the Yanks were the only ones to close out their series in a 3 game sweep. My Dodgers are still slogging through the mud with the Nationals, and Deckard Cain is still dead. Oh the horrors!


Actually, the baseball playoffs stole my attention from Diablo. I didn’t really follow baseball until about 2006 when my Dad got sick with kidney failure. He was a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and that year I watched the games with him just so I could really connect to him before he passed. The Cardinals won the World Series that year and I’ve been into them ever since. He passed away before the 2011 post season but watching the Cardinals finish with another World Series win put a smile on my face even though my heart was broken.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is…Go Cards!!!


You’re the one who complained about people posting memes, right?

Funny how you don’t hold yourself to the same standard.

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Forgive him. He is suffering from a lack of popcorn and Mt. Dew (I think?) right now. Trying to remember the post. He will come to his senses once his grocery order is in!

Also Traveler, I recommend something soothing about now. Warm cocoa or even a bowl of cereal. Might be me, it is late here :slight_smile: Don’t let things get to you!


LOL Apples and oranges much do ya? I know there should be some kind of connection between your post and mine, but for the life of me I cannot see it.

If you’ve still got a burr under your saddle about an idea I brought forward 4 weeks ago you should find something other than the D3 forum to fill your time. That thread had 9 comments in it, and you weren’t one of the participants . Remember, resentments will rob you of sleep and make you treat other people poorly whether they had anything to do with your moodiness or not. Is that a little rust I’m sensing along the seams of your armor?

I rooted around in the cupboard and found a bag of pretzel rods, cream cheese in the fridge and a hidden can of Dew behind the milk. I’m living the dream MissCheetah!

That thread was, "Time To Rethink T Level Perks Already?

Condolences on the Dodgers’ loss, Traveler. That’s pretty rough. It was a good series though. Personally, I think the media makes too much out of a team’s regular season record.

Sure, it’s important to determine who has home field in the playoffs and whatnot but it seems that they just don’t understand that the post season is a whole other beast and especially in the divisional round, who’s better on paper counts less than who’s hot going into the post season.

A five game playoff is played completely different than a 7 game with starters coming out of the bullpen and stuff like that. I think folks, by now, would realize that those differences basically make the divisional round a coin flip and not the “this team should do ____ because they did_____ in the regular season.” The post season never works out that way.

The Dodgers are no joke though. 7 post seasons in a row is special and it’s a rare team that can boast that longevity. Condolences again, though.


This is still a Diablo III Forum, isn’t it? To wit:

And specifically:

“Welcome to the Diablo III Community Forums. These forums are here to provide you a friendly environment where you can discuss everything Diablo III with your fellow players” [emphasis added].

It isn’t for discussions about sports, or world politics, or your problems with your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or boss. This forum is for discussing Diablo III. If you want to discuss something else, I’m sure Google can find you an appropriate forum to join.

And if you need a little refresher course to remind yourselves what this forum doesn’t permit, check out the Code of Conduct, which has a long bulleted list, bookmarked to the paragraphs that describe each item in it.


Not everyone can be perfect about what they post on these forums. I myself have no doubt violated one or more of those items many times. But in general, I try to adhere to the spirit of what these Posting Guidelines and the Code of Conduct are there for, and while I think you guys attempting to change the subject by talking about the Yankees is worth mention, you perhaps should have picked a subject related to Diablo III. And at the risk of violating the Code of Conduct once again, the idiot that posted the Chinese thing should be suspended for a while, and that thread should be just deleted. It is of absolutely no use to this game, anybody playing it, or any member of the families of anyone playing it, because they’re going to have to hear about it too.

And MissCheetah, If you enter these sorts of off-topic conversations, it should be solely to remind the posters that this forum is for discussing Diablo III, and nothing else. If you engage in conversation about the off-topic topic, then you yourself are violating the guidelines laid out above, which Nevalistis wrote seven years ago. Perhaps you are trying to gently steer the participants away from the topic that got them going, but I think you should be more aggressive in clipping these kinds of conversations. For years I have been in the background as a “neighborhood watch” participant, flagging ridiculous topics not about D3. Many times I informed the participants that I was flagging them. Hopefully they got the idea. But usually not. Usually they try to berate me for being the “police” (that’s criminal thinking right there), in an effort to deflect the subject, and to project their own flaws onto me, which in turn takes the heat off them. Both of these things are common thinking errors. But I digress.

The fact is these kinds of threads that have nothing even peripherally to do with Diablo III should not appear on these forums, and regardless of what Blizzard will “tolerate,” this forum is not a political podium. I don’t want to be exposed to that crap, and there are plenty of other places to discuss it. So the people that are doing it should be gently urged to go to one of those other forums by making this one unavailable to them for a period of time.

Not for nuthin’, Stone, but it isn’t like this thread got tons of attention. Sure, strictly speaking talking about anything other than D3 is against the rules, but the way I see it is this small thread is sort of like “What do you eat while gaming?” Or someone posting what they’re going to have for dinner in the middle of a thread that might be about Diablo to begin with but that post certainly “doesn’t belong” either.

The point is, you could have simply ignored this thread without posting your diatribe about your “virtues” as a poster. I mean, there were exactly six posts from 4 posters, in this thread before you chimed in. Meaning in no way was this thread disrupting the boards.

But yeah, keep telling yourself that you just had to come in and tell everyone off because as you’ve said before “I think watching televised sports is about the most stupid waste of time.”

So see it isn’t that this thread is all that different from other threads that pop up. It’s that someone was talking about something you find stupid no matter how few people were actually discussing it.


hey all! Thread Police here! BAD POSTER!


He did mention Deckard Cain in the OP so D1, 2 and 3 related :wink:


Thanks for noticing Varadia. Cain was mentioned expressly to make the conversation fit into the D3 mold. I guess that inclusion flew over the tin foil hats that some people spend their entire lives under.


Those Yankees are a heck of a basketball team. I mean they can really kick some mean touchdowns and spike the slam dunks in the endzone.


any team from any sport insulting the national flag with even one player doing it, should be banned.
no USA = no Citizenship for the player, that ignores democracy.
-protest on the street, not in the framework of a public event.

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I’d rather watch Deckard Cain’s corpse rot than watch Baseball (see what I did there!?).

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The second most stupid; prison is the first.

You mean the Yankees play hockey!?

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You know what I find stupid…

I find anyone willing buy 4 to 6 copies of the same video game about the dumbest thing someone can do. Maybe 2, I can see, but anymore than that and it’s just wasting money. And to me, wasting money IS the most stupid thing anyone does. Time is a much more fluid resource than cash no matter how much money you have. So I’d much rather waist a few hours a day 4 to 5 days a week watching a baseball game than spend $200 or more on a single game and spread my time across every copy when I could just as easily put the time spent over all those copies into just one copy.

Buy hey, you waste your money and I’ll “waste my time” doing something that makes me feel connected to my Dad long after he’s passed.


Whoa…hey, big guy, let’s keep it light now. I was just jesting…

And I do have a good reason for having a lot of accounts, and I’ll give it on your request.

The point is, I already gave my reason for watching baseball in the second post in this thread. And you basically said watching baseball or any sport and I watch lots of them, stupid not even considering that there might be more to it than just watching grown men play a kids game.

You attacked me as stupid after that. Well what you actually did, is post a diatribe about your virtues and tell everyone off in the thread, though there were only a few of us here, for talking about something you find stupid. But it was worse than that, because you tried to hide your actual reasoning.

Now you’re pretending that outing your reasoning and causing you to admit it and taking exception to it is somehow attacking you?

But now a harmless thread has devolved into you and I getting into it when none of what you said in your post was necessary. The thread would have simply died and that would have been the end of it, but you just couldn’t leave it alone. That’s on you, not anyone that decided to post in the thread.

Now I’m not telling you how to post or where to post. All I did was post your real reasoning for coming into the thread. And it had nothing to do with “forum rules”. Seems to me that’s a bit of trolling on your part.

But now the thread keeps getting bumped and it’s likely the thread will be locked. Which is fine by me but still it could have ended better than that by simply dying on its own instead of you coming in for the express purpose of killing it.

To get back to the spirit of the thread…
I thought the Yankees made candles.


:smile: You’re on a roll! …or is that a biscuit in your country?