Old Diablo Vet LFG


Returning player after a 2 year break from video games. I have been playing Diablo since the start of the franchise and I love this game. I am grinding out all of my characters to 70, grinding for gear and crafting. I have a season 8 character, but he has been very much neglected while I get good with the game again.

It would be nice to have 1 or 2 other players to roll with. I could be of some use to some newer players and carry through some Torment or even get us through some rifts and Whimsy. I am mid thirties and laid back. PM or add me on Blizzard.
Thanks for reading.


Sent a friend request. If you are ever on when I am, I will gladly play.
I got burned out on S14, came back for S18.
(Solo grinding 700 Paragon over 3-days will do that.)