Offline support on PC for D4 after MS acquisition?

Given the fact that over the years I’ve stopped buying Activision/Blizzard titles entirely because of their anti-consumer “always online” DRM I wonder if things will gradually change for the better after the MS acquisition.

Since the announcement that D4 will not have offline support I’ve completely crossed it off my list.

The “always online” BS is why I also never purchased Diablo III on PC at launch. I only recently received it as a bundle with D2 Resurrected.

I absolutely detest “always online” DRM, hopefully D4 is not too late in the development cycle to add offline support. Few things are stupider and more infuriating than to be locked out of the games you purchase by connection and/or server issues.


I don’t think anything will change in that department. Bethesda is still doing its own thing after being purchased by MS. Activision/Blizzard will probably be the same.

Considering how D4 is suposed to work, a offline mode is completely out of question.


They could seperate a solo campaign with no end game for offline mode i’m sure but… really… really, really?


Well, between Error 37 and lack of end game content I choose the latter. Like I’ve said, I played quite a lot of D2 and little D3 because I didn’t own it until recently. So I never experienced Error 37 personally. I did have friends replace smashed keyboards over it though.

But I got my taste of what it means to have “always online” single player in Modern Warfare 2019. One tiny less than one second glitch and I was booted out of the game with no progression save, nothing.

So much “fun”.


It wasn’t from your end xD

Well… this is one thing you don’t have to worry with a Diablo game. This thing will work like a MMO. Even D3 is saved constantly and it’s kinda hard to lose progression.

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Too bad then, what can I say. I guess I’ll stick with Resurrected.

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Honestly, I’d be surprised if they considered offline support for Diablo 4. I wouldn’t be against it, but I certainly would be surprised.


You might as well just stop posting and forget about D4. It will not be offline.


I doubt MS will change the offline situation.
I mean, we are talking about the company that wanted to launch a freaking “online only” console, until the backlash stopped it

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True, but it’s the same company that released Halo Infinite with LAN support. On PC. In 2021.

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That definitely is nice.

Where can I find this constantly-saved version of D3 where after a server glitch I can resume my GR, set of bounties or whatever without losing progression? Sounds like a big improvement over the version I’ve been playing.


rax´s latest video put my mind a bit more at ease. the server-game might be upped now with MS.

i too will smash a keyboard if come d4-release and error 37 or the like returns…

Same here after I watched Rhykkers video.

I completely agree with this “always online” was one of the worst things that ever happened to gaming.


I hope you have a backup keyboard, because there will be issues at launch.


I’m sure they’ll be looking for ways to recoup the expenses, and offline doesn’t generate inflow.

Sure it does. And MS themselves keep releasing offline games. Like most developers.

No, it does not. At least, after the initial purchase. There have to be further DLC (which are not free) to accrue more money to the coffers.

Sure, a one-and-done can get a large amount to start, but if you want residual money you have to make the customers keep paying. Or constantly attract new ones (which can be done by making new/different games for them but that’s not the argument.)