Offline mode for Diablo 3

I play exclusively on console. The experience is superior and in any case I can never go back to PC and give up my offline freedoms. What the console version teaches me every day is that offline and online can coexist. My seasonal character is online only! In that profile there is no cheating or modding! In my offline profile I play the way I want to play. What’s wrong with that? For anyone? It’s a video game. Online only in games that support deep solo play is never good. Choice is always better. Respecting players is always better. As far as I’m concerned it’s never about an intermittent internet connection, it’s about doing what’s right.

Arguable. Nephalem Valor is a sucky mechanic.

People can mod in Seasons. The only thing they can’t do is dupe items because Blizzard removed the ability to trade in Seasons.

Any proof you can mod in season on PS4/Xbox?

Seems like you can still dupe crafting mats/bloodshards. By crafting/cubing stuff, and if you dont get what you want, you reload an old savegame = unlimited materials/shards. That is back to the savegame issue though, not modding or hacking.

Yea, I know… I was being sarcastic…you have to keep reading the rest of the sentence to get it…