Official statement about "Solo only mode"

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It’s the most player base dividing game mode possible.

So there’s that.

There’s also the fact that the QQers would sign up and realize they don’t actually have what it takes to compete on any leaderboards. They are already failing to compete on the mostly-solo leaderboards as is, but they are currently able to equivocate and blame everyone else and then endlessly write forum posts on the subject. A Solo Self Owned option would shatter their fragile egos.

It also harms players by giving an arbitrarily distinct mode with arbitrary drawbacks. It harms the currently mostly-solo players that think they would enjoy SSO and then realize they can’t play with friends or change up their playstyle for a few public games. It harms players that feel the need to stay with the mode instead of playing the way they’d like to.

Just like with the ability to respect paragon points mid-grift, giving players a choice doesn’t always mean giving them a better experience.

SSO doesn’t actually accomplish anything except in the imagination of low skill players. It has drawbacks you can’t just hand wave away. It’s already eminently possible to simulate SSO without introducing those drawbacks mechanically. Beyond the dubious mythology of would be leaderboard champions, it’s a truly terrible idea. It’s been a terrible idea for years. Yet here we are again.

Keep banging those rocks together guys.


We need a Solo Self Post (SSP) forum.

The only people who can like or reply to a post are the ones who wrote the post. The SSP poster can like and replay to their own post as many times as they like and push their SSP post to the top of the likes/comments forum list.

This will really help those who like to talk to themselves compete on the Forum LB’s.


Look leader boards are not about skill, gear, gems, or anything like that. It is all about the highest GR clear in the shortest time. They don’t have to be able to clear a GR of the strongest set builds just to compete. They can be under that and they will be fine. As long as they know they are up against others like them. It is their peers that they want to compete against. Instead of those that are not their peers.

Let’s say golf had only one leader board that rules both amateurs and pros. Would the amateurs feel that the board accurately shows how good they are against their fellow amateurs. I would say no, because the board is tainted with pros.

Look you like me know that the only thing solo about those that get boosted by teaming is their solo push on the leader boards. All of their paragons, great gear, gem levels, etc… (unless they bot) all come from teaming. Just check the boards and you will see those that have gem levels that far exceed their highest clear. Along with gem augments far higher than their highest clear. There is no way that any solo player would keep trying to level gems for augments with a 1% chance to succeed. Sure for their main gems some might endure it, but not augments.

It shatters no egos, because there are no egos to shatter. They just want to compete with other solo only players. These leader boards can reflect how well they do against all solo only players, instead of how well they do against their clan mates.

The ones that truly want it will stay there. The ones that don’t won’t touch it, and even if they did touch it and found out it wasn’t for them they would leave it.

The lack of choices that this game has is mind numbing. But the above doesn’t fit with a solo only board. It would be a better experience for those that only play solo.

The drawbacks you mentioned are only in your head. It is only a terrible idea according to you and those that agree with you. But to others they love the idea and I think that it could have the chance of getting more people to play this game for a longer period of time.

Now if Blizz ever done its job and handled cheaters in this game as well as a solo only option. The MAU numbers could see a big jump, which might make the suits happy.

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I don’t think making a SSF mode would make me play more or less than I already do. I also don’t think the ‘suits’ give two :poop: about how much I play. Bliz does handle the cheaters in their way, you might not like how it’s done but hey it’s not up to you and TBH Bliz probably knows best.

If there were no bots and a SSF mode tho some people who don’t ordinarily get on a LB might actually get on one and feel real good about it.

Solo only mode wouldn’t split the player base anymore than what it is now. That is because those that play solo only already are doing so. They would just get a special mode where they can play and know that everyone on those boards played entirely solo like them.

The only splitting might be anyone that is a completionist. Ones that would have to try to place or be number one on all leader boards if it is possible to do so. If it would be impossible to do so then you can say that solo only mode won’t split the player base anymore than it already is.


Hot topic?!

An official statement about this highly requested feature would be much appreciatred.

Thanks in advance, greetings!

Pets picking up crafting materials is a highly requested feature.
This isn’t even close to that.


Pets can’t even keep up with picking up all gold.
Crafting materials barely drop, beside DB’s.

If you want the pet to only pick up DB’s than everything else will more or less lie on the ground.
If you pick up the few DB by a single! mouse click, you lose like second?

Auto picking pets in a farming game makes 0 sense.
Even Grim Dawn didn’t need it, but it makes more sense there, because there is WAY more stuff to drop and the loot reward is bigger in some content features

If everything will be pickes up automatically, there would be no satisfaction on these drops.

If you kill with a UE MS DH or a WOL Monk…how do you think your single pet will keep up your pace?

I will never understand why people want this game even more speedy.
Next will be, autoslvaging pets? Oo

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Raxxanterax is a D3 gamer who does a lot of stuff on Youtube. I think it’s fair to say he is good at the game, and knows a lot about it. (This is a guy who played all day when Season 18 started and got like 1000 Paragon Points in 24 hours). I value the advice he’s given about playing the game, and I respect his opinion’s about it.

He did a video about his Top 10 Wishlist for Diablo 3 (at ).

Number 6 on his wishlist: IMPROVE SOLO EXPERIENCE. He says:

Reason: Diablo 3 HEAVILY favors group play, which is not a bad thing, but solo players shouldn’t be penalized as badly as they currently are.

Wish: Find a way to bridge the gap between solo and group play. Groups currently benefit from more xp, buffs, item sharing, synergy, et.

He discusses this in more detail in the video.

I absolutely agree. My problem is not that there is no single player mode. But it does bother me that single play gets less loot, exp, etc, even though it’s more challenging. And if a guy like Raxxanterax says single play is more challenging, I tend to believe it.

Having said that, I would welcome a single player only mode in D4 (If it ever comes), especially for seasons. Some season objectives are clearly harder to do solo (such as completing T13 in under 4 minutes). I’d like to see season objectives adjusted for the number of players in a game.

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Blue post about:

item drop rates?
Nothing gets nerfed?

I don’t get it…

Why answering on such threads, when there has been dozent more valuable ones now and in the past?

Explain it to me, cause i dont get it… Oo

No answers on QoL threads, no answers on thud threads, no answers on solo mode threads, no answers on the few HUGE threads about suggestions and PTR participation threads.

I really would like to understand how CM participation works. Are those threads randomly chosen?
I don’t know if i remember that name correctly…was it “evil” ?, that summarized the QoL and item-list that the community has made over the last years?

Why is there no CM activity on those threads?`

Silence over silence and then you see a blue name on absolutely worthless topics like" did they change drop rates?"

I really dont get it… and don’t bring in that "blizzcon-reason… this one is cheap anyway! Oo

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Maybe instead of pets running towards mats like they do with gold just give them 50 yard pick up radius. There problem solved with any speed build…

If they say nothing they can’t put ideas in peoples head that they will do something because they turned up in the thread

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Because Community Managers are not developers and they can not talk on their behalf without asking them; which in some cases silence can be an answer as well. Any answer in such subjects would only cause unrest in the community; developers and high chairs in the company simply see this and ask CMs to keep their manners.

In short; if such threads would worth its trouble to answer to face backlash, they’d do so already. Trying to provoke CMs generally frowned upon as they don’t have any right to answer directly to such subjects.

Want an answer? Hitch a flight to the Blizzcon yourself this year and talk to developers but most likely you’ll get a made up answer that they repeat for every instances of the same question.

Official statement about solo? What do the developer think?

Blizzard thinks it’s impolite to say no. They rarely give a straight answer.

The devs will be giving quarterly updates

Beginning next year, we will be providing quarterly updates regarding the progress of Diablo IV’s development. This might take the form of a blog or a developer post here, which we’ll sticky and leave open for ongoing discussion until the next update is available.

Nev’s post:

This is NOT a D4 topic, but to answer your question; no. D4 will have HC mode, but not SSF.

you don’t necessarily need solo character. Just the same option as in D3. You either create / join a public game, or create a private one, where you play solo (or with friends you invite)

It’s the monthly SSF reboot. You can set your calendar to it :slight_smile:

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