**OFFICIAL** Petition to Buff Uliana's Thread

Always loved EP, since 1.02 patch, so count me in ! :wink:

lets palm again scale with monster hp ^^
love uli gameplay, bring it on, more def more dmg, style is fun - maybe little adjustments but style is fun

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I can’t really play Uli’s because of dexterity issues, but the videos I’ve seen look like a really fun play style. It is cool to watch. I would like to see Uli be our top solo push build.

I have taken some of the ideas and put them into my rework tables. Monk rework list

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1. How are you gonna buff Uliana guys? Which buff will be enough to make it competitive with SWK TR?
2. Which build are you gonna play with buff you want?

Big EP high five from seven sides for you for this suggestion.
Petition signed.

Did anyone test Uliana with Rabid Strike instead of Lion’s Claw and Bindings of the lesser God in Cube? does it even work ? on Paper it would double your Damage without Enforcer Gem. CS -> tripple - WotHF -> MR -> cast EP -> look for Clone EP

That was tested by my friend Beginner0k.
It doesnt work.