Now would be a great time to banwave botters

Unless I have better things to do with my time than complain about stuff that never affected me in the slightest.

And the OP wouldn’t rank even if you paid him to, not with his whopping ~p150. Which means it doesn’t affect him either. Which means he’s just another parrot mimicking a tiny forum minority who wouldn’t rank either.


No need, your squirming is amusing me enough. Besides, there’s nothing to see. Even if there was, I can start botting anytime here since there hasn’t been a banwave on Asia server for years.


You can care without spending time posting about it.
Yet, you did spend time posting about how little you care.

Whether people would rank or not seems quite irrelevant.


The reason some people make their profile private is because they don’t see why anyone else should be allowed to look at their Summary / Activity pages, not because they don’t want people seeing their Armoury pages but, because there’s no granularity as to what you can make public / private, it’s an all or nothing thing.

However, it’s incredibly easy to see another player’s Armoury pages. Let’s use my Armoury Career pages as an example…

EU -
US -
Asia -

You’ll notice that in each of the three URLs, you can see my Battlenet ID, albeit that the separator in the URL is a dash rather than a hash. So, you could look at your own Career page, and then just type another player’s Battlenet ID into the URL to see their pages instead. If you hover your mouse over someone’s forum avatar and/or their posting name, your browser will show a preview URL that includes their Battlenet ID.

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Still not convinced. Not everyone knows about the BattleTag workaround, and a reputable poster won’t have need to hide their activity. I can see it for the blues, but for regular posters here? If they aren’t willing to take it, they shouldn’t be dishing it out.

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I guess I’m disreputable by this standard then.
Oh, well.


yes I agree, too many bot people and it’s been a while, I find it a shame to act like that and that the game is necessarily broken and does not act against cheating firms like the famous Ros-Bot CucuBot. … and co. cheats everywhere modern Warfare, Diablo and probably all the others and to come, too bad for the game publishers (blizzard), there is more fairness … it’s scary for the future, that’s what I had in my heart, while the others do not cheat

They will, but you need to wait until the week before season’s end, and then the 50% off D3 promotion. The botter meta, right? Bot, ban, buy - rinse and repeat.

I agree with you, the higher frequency of bans we get, the less cheating will affect competition.


We really don’t need less people playing the game ATM. It’s already in maintenance mode as it is. If they keep running people off, D3 won’t last till D4 comes out.

lots of people dont play because of botting, i’ll trade botters for them any day.

We just had a bot banwave…

This looks like an attempt to get another, not against bots but for botmakers.

What I mean is, if banwaves are too frequent, botmakers learn what got them caught and they can change thing about their program to make it undetectable in a future banwaves.

And let’s be honest here, we were all thrilled to see tons of botters get “bamfed”. I wouldn’t want the next one to be less effective because the botmakers found the key to evasion.

Just sayin’.

According to this twitter, It will be coming this season. Just don’t know exactly when.

So you want to keep cheaters in the game, just to make it look populated?


I think this is the tactic they use in politics too.


The less people playing, the quicker it gets shut down. :man_shrugging:t4:

I don’t condone cheating, but botters have literally zero effect on my playing this game. There is no economy. There is no real trading. There is no incentive to bot other than paragon, which may have an effect on the leaderboards, but since I’m not a top 1% player, it doesn’t matter to me at all.


That is your opinion only, not those that actually play this game competitively.
Think outside the box and how botters affect tons of players trying to push their skills and climb the ranks.

Let them try! I disagree with not banning every season and more frequently because it forces the botters to adapt and bot less! In the end, this is what we legit players want, less botting.

It is possible to care about things that does not directly affect yourself.

Sure. Still, botters should get banned at least once a season, otherwise the battle is kinda lost already.
Once every 2-3 month is hardly often.

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It is which is why I said it doesn’t matter TO ME at all, and explained how it has no impact on me personally.

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So, if you saw someone break into your neighbour’s house, I guess you wouldn’t call the cops because it doesn’t impact you at all?

Some of us realise that just because we may not be personally affected by an issue shouldn’t mean we can’t appreciate that some people are affected by it and want it addressed.

Most people will never be capable of winning a gold medal in the Olympic games but that doesn’t mean we don’t want athletes that are taking steroids to be banned because we want the competition to be as fair as possible.


Why join this conversation which is all about others?
I get that we all have an opinion however, like meteor said, yours seems contradictory to the topic.