Now they are being sued by California

There’s a hilarious science fiction story where a scientist predicts the exact moment an earthquake will cause California to break away from the United States and fall into the sea. He gets the vector wrong and the rest of the United States falls into the sea instead. It’s a bit dark maybe.

Most men do not like to discuss men abusing women. It makes them angry in a way that prompts a primal desire to commit immediate physical violence. Since the “alleged” perpetrators are beyond reach it creates an emotional conflict they don’t want to share with others. At least that’s how I feel about it.

I must have missed that bit of madness. Don’t explain I’ll go look it up.
Oh, those loons.

The earlier poster pointed out that there were similarities between the anti-J rhetoric in the 1930 and some of the present day rhetoric. - please explain where in that post there was shaming, insulting of quilting. All I see in your writing is deflection, another common tool that should be called out and exposed.

You say that it is not a good time to be a minority in the US. Would you please elaborate, without using the SIGN language? Don’t try to shame me for asking the question, just answer.

It brings Chester Bennington to my head poor guy. Like i said before (and won’t say it again incase i get silenced again) about his lyrics. DEEP SHIZ!
Unfortunately the start of abuse is the start of the demons. I guess he had many demons at him.

Btw… all of this thread has nothing to do with the Diablo team right just WoW?

Minorities getting suppressed, assaulted, basic rights taken away (some of the time “merely” attempts at taking it away).

I’d also say there’s a marked difference for being “discriminated against” when you’ve been a trash human vs. how you rolled in the birth lottery. Actions having consequences 'n all. The common trap the anti-woke love to fall into is the assumption that them merely existing is a crime, and thus an easy correlation, though easily horrid takes, to the bad of WW1/2. When it’s more likely behaviors and ideals they’ve partaken in are being called into question.

I recall the stink that came up when Schick dared to play an ad that “boys will be boys” is not a justification for harmful childhood behaviors, even though it could certainly be correlated into misbehavior in adult life. If a boy doesn’t like roughhousing and asks for it to stop, they certainly shouldn’t be brushed off because enduring it would “make a man out of him” as is commonly dismissed. The bullied becoming bullies isn’t an unheard of outcome. Moreover, that there was more to being a man than toxic masculinity. That went about as well as one would expect, though.

Activision-Blizzard (ATVI) the stock holding company, Blizzard Entertainment, and Activision Publishing - two of the sub units under the stockholding company.

While WoW seems right now to be one of the main teams with issues, it is broader than that - esp at the management, HR, and senior corporate level.

Yes, it did impact the Diablo team too - remember this is not all just about the sexual harassment, but poor workplace treatment as well.

You can read what former CS and Diablo CM Nevalistis had to say here.

And yes, I did ask her before posting the link on the forums.

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As expected. A slogan that the reader must take on faith. A common mistake here is for the reader to try to disprove the slogan, making things worse, because it is near impossible to prove the negative. This is a common trap and it takes some practice to notice it and point it out to the public.

Please, elaborate by providing actual support for the claims presented.

Thanks for that deeply concerning information now i’m searching xD…

They working on our precious D4 still though right?

You have no idea how far you have gone. May this serve as Exhibit A for what the Left is like.

Also, men are not your enemy. The sooner you understand this, the better. May Kevin Samuels illuminate your path.

Nobody said they are.

There is a huge difference for hating someone for how they are born and people having to deal with the consequences of their personal actions.

Don’t equate some men getting held accountable for their poor behavior with “people punishing all men”.

If the reaction from someone is to scream “but men are hated/oppressed” when certain men are being sued or fired for sexual assault - yikes.

Also of note, men were sexually harassed too, and some of the perpetrators at Blizzard were women.

Stop acting like the world is out to get men.

Wait this guy who has a youtube on “high value men”?

Who says things like

Objectification of Women

To add fuel to the fire, Kevin Samuels often ranks his guests using his coined term, their “sexual marketplace value,” and bases their attractiveness on height, weight, dress size, and physical features. If he believes a woman is “below average” or an eight or less on a 10-point scale, he suggests they lower their expectations of attracting a high-value man. Those he sees as particularly unfit, he advises these women to settle for average men, or worse, less than average, to meet their personal and relational needs.

That is reddit MRA/pickupartist/MGTOW/Incel vibes right there


Uhh incels will take almost any woman and/or man there are many types. MGTOW aren’t looking for women at all. Pickup artists are looking for raw numbers and only consider attractiveness as an enhancement to their own reputation. MRA has nothing to do with dating at all. Initially everyone objectifies everyone else because it’s the only thing you know about the other person. Whether you want to meet them in any capacity depends on it. For instance I won’t talk to anyone wearing a hockey mask, and carrying a chainsaw dripping with blood. What you’re talking about is shallowness and it knows no limitation by any criteria. Kevin Samuels is a narcissist who lacks a conscience.

The dictionary definition of incel would take almost any woman, but MissCheetah is referring to the Urban Dictionary version of incel, which is what the quoted type of person is. “Modern” incel equates to abusive behaviour and/or physical actions. It sucks that the term incel has been usurped, but sadly that’s what it is.


There i was thinking we could change the subject until we actually know more.


Ah I see but since the Urban dictionary is made up by anonymous contributors I don’t accept it as definitive. People I know just call those people ******** celibate or not. I miss the days when words had actual semi-fixed meanings. Communication was so much easier.

Unfortunately we live in a world where everyone is “offended” and decides to usurp just about anything they can get their grubby virtual paws on. It sucks that I have to differentiate between a legitimate incel and a “mdern” incel. That’s just the culture we live in. Yes, it is harder to properly communicate these days, but at least it forces us to think (usually) when doing so.


I think it’s more likely to lead to a nuclear exchange than thinking. But your point is well taken.

Not at all. It is immensely supported by reality. You just dont want to see it.
Women’s right to their own body is threatened (and not going to spell it out because US have a unhealthy relationship with that word, that might trigger some people). States are outright abolishing their democratic process in efforts to limit voting among minorities they dont like. Plenty of others are threatened, both on their lives, and their basic human rights, because they dont fit into some narrow view on what they are allowed to feel, or how to live. New cases supporting that we live in this reality are appearing every day.

And these cases at Blizzard is just a small symptom of this.

What a strawman you have build.

This is my shocked face:

What more would you need to know. The amount of information so far is staggering. Even if no more stories appear (and they will) this will take months and months to dig through.

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This is incorrect. The majority of Americans support voter identification (including minorities) and voting hours are being expanded in every case. New York has more restrictive voting laws then either Texas or Georgia and has for as long as anyone can remember. What is being removed are easily abusable practices like ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and mailing ballots randomly to ineligible voters. Things that were almost unheard of before the covid pandemic and in many cases adopted as emergency measures in violation of current election laws. Don’t listen to the media read the actual bills. One person one vote absolutely depends on the security and transparency in our election practices.


That never exists. Language is fluid and one of the most fascinating things to study as it changes!.

Denotation - dictionary definition
Connotation - common use.

We all know that, esp on the internet, change is rapid. In the case of incels that changed years ago. Esp when they started sharing their manifestos and killing people.

Reasonably correct. However the key here is that ID needs to be FREE and easily obtained even by elderly, disabled, and those without cars. IN cities many don’t have State ID because they don’t drive. Elderly don’t have State ID because they don’t drive.

A fee to get the ID would be considered a Poll tax - illegal. Lack of access to places to get one, or unreasonable hurdles to prove who you are, are also legally an issue.

Now, I actually support free, accessible (maybe the post office?) means of EVERYONE having ID so they can access government services, hospital and voting.

The only reason anyone complains about it is that it adds a way for some counties to block voters. If they block IDs they block the votes.

The constitution does not say we need ID (although I get that is a good idea). It states citizens have the right to vote - and voter registration is a preliminary for of ID in that it checks eligibility.

Just no. I dropped my ballot off in a box at the voting location rather than going in. It was on camera, locked, and picked up. Oh, and the ballot was sent to ME, a registered voter who requested it and it was barcoded to track it completely.

If you think people can just put a bunch of bunk paper in the box and have it counted you are very wrong.

So far - they have not managed to find any organized fraud.

They found some people who submitted early ballots who died before counting - they DO check.
They found some people who used their dead relatives - only a few and they were caught - because they have death records!

No. Those were legal and that is why Trump lost in over 60 court cases. They could not find fraud or illegal activity.

He lost. Period. In his own words, he lost by a landslide.