Now they are being sued by California

I mean, can’t fault them for being attracted to the female magic player, it’s their wet dream. The problem isn’t actually them wanting to teach the female, or that it was a female on the receiving end.

The problem is when people cross the line and belittle people purely based on looks. However in the example you put, i can’t help but think that people will treat you differently when you stand out.


Brandy don’t work for blizz no more?
Oh man! She was so genuine!

Like the type of person that would of lined right up with brevik and the schaefers all game all customer and none about self image or ‘got into blizzard’ menatlity or, even worse, ‘group play’ gaming (the 2015 or so until now pandemic that plagued online games). zelda isn’t a group play game, mario isnt’ a group play game, diablo 1/2 were not group play games, mario kart doesn’t have to be a group play game, wonder why these solo-focused games are so well done and long lasting. they don’t depend on other people to have fun, f/e a greater rift comp like d3.

Blizz let go / she left (don’t know the story) a great worker in brandy. def my favorite post d2 era worker there. she seemed to care about us first, what we wanted, and being as transparent as possible w/o upsetting the higher ups who surely mandated secrecy about “diablo immortal” at the time. its such a shame to have all that secrecy all that does is divide the co and the playerbase when they hint and wont talk its terrible strat.

secrecy only works / hinting only works if what they deliver isn’t for cash but exactly the product everyone or most want and obviously d immortal is an example of not doin that. like if they were secret about d4, AND, d4 was made the right way (like actually modeling after diablo 2 instead of 3) then you’d have ok, sure, you hid a great game and now delivered but when they hint and then deliver something unwanted its like much worse than not hinting at all and making an off game.

hinting is like “we know what you want and we gotchu” and in reality esp w diablo an extremely split in half playerbae of 2 and 3 ppl, you aren’t going to know what the bulk of us want, its not a proper product line to hint and secret up about. they should of promoted brandy to like a top 5 position for diablo 4, bc with that care, we’d all get our questions answered and more importantly questions asked TO us during development.

Once I was playing HotS and I called my personal friend “faggo*t”, (I couldn’t post the word here, maybe I’m committing a crime :rofl:) I call him that and he calls me that since I was a kid when we tease each other, we’re friends and brothers. I was banned for this, even though I resorted it seems that my conduct was ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.

It doesn’t seem like that, does it, Activision? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

It is this discrepancy between ideology and reality that makes me disgusted with some politicking/ideologies like this.

I am praying for Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil.

This is exactly why Blizzard( Silicon & Synapse, Inc. at the time, and eventually Chaos Studios, Inc. before being Blizzard Entertainment) needed to stay a smaller independent company like when it first started with Michael Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce. They actually cared about their games and put their passion into making their games. Once Blizzard was bought out by big corporate companies things started to change, and Blizzard is no longer the Blizzard of the early days. There is a reason why a lot of the early employees, and management are no longer with Blizzard because they actually cared about the creation of their games, and not all about the money.


Did you say the word that starts with a “vi”? The Brazillian one? It’s not a big deal here in Brazil, everyone uses that word, but it’s considered extremely offensive in the US and other english speaking countries. It’s a cultural difference, and arguably a different meaning too (here it’s not nearly as much of a slur as it is in english), probably why you got banned for it.

This is very true. She cared a lot. The higher ups though really really do restrict what CMs can say and do.

Brandy was the only one left in Community (that I know of) on Diablo after the last round of layoffs. She was juggling everything herself for all Diablo regarding community, publishing, engagement campaigns, etc.

She left on her own to go to one of her other dream companies. She now works for Wizard of the Coast in Community on Dungeons & Dragons.

Here is her public goodbye letter to the Diablo community in March 2020.


I used the word in Portuguese, in the Portuguese translated game for my Brazilian friend/brother in a context of complete relaxation.

The ban wasn’t permanent and didn’t hurt anything, but I was really impressed with it, here it’s nothing.

At the same time, people use the word “monkey” to refer to Brazilians all the time, and to tell you the truth I don’t care, but some groups find it extremely offensive, and nothing happens automatically.

I am in favor of no words being prohibited, but the offensive use of any word. That’s how I think.

Market forces, including arbitrage, exist just like gravity, whether you believe in them or not. The reason is that people, in the vast majority of cases, are looking for their best interest or what they believe to be in their best interest. As long as there is some economic freedom, that is.



Humans go for the best ratio of results to price when they have a chance (as long as they are aware of it). And you have to be quite “rational” to remain successful in a highly competitive environment for the long run.
None of that you wrote counters my argument. You may not like what I said and I understand.


No, not remotely like gravity.
Market forces do not work like they are “supposed to” theoretically. Because humans dont work like they are “supposed to” in these theories. That is just the way it is.

But yeah, “people acting based on what they think is in their best interest” is important. Very much not the same as what is in their best interest however. And as long as you understand that people do not always act in what they believe is their own best interest. You cant simplify human actions to such a degree.

As was said earlier, people make decisions all the time that are neither rational or utility maximizing.
With a prime reason being that the idea of the “economic man” is quite wrong. Representing a significant flaw behind all classic economic theory (and of course, any economist worth their title today, know and accept this).

Of course, on a macro level, if enough people act in a semi-rational self-interest way (which is still quite the assumption to make), you can still make reasonable (which is not the same as being particularly accurate) behavioral models and predications based on it.
But an individual company, or the individual people in that company, such as the case this thread is based on, are not an aggregated macro level system.
They wont adhere to any theory on how they should behave.

Not really. Often you just have to “know someone”, family members or otherwise.


I wish I could take you for drinks to discuss this at length. But oh well. I am writing here to help unbiased readers in their understanding.

You don’t need 100% rational behavior for the market forces to govern. Animals also don’t always act in their best interest but laws of nature govern no matter what one researcher or another may say.

And economists and “models”! I’d laugh if it weren’t tragic. The largest US financial institutions had “the greatest models and databases” on subprime mortgages. At the same time it was obvious that this was unsustainable.


why would you post this here? guess they know about it if its true and you have nothing to do with it. only legal and the companies (or police). sjw …

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My point exactly.
Economic theory will only take you so far.
You have to accept that people will act in ways that can seem irrational or even self-harming. Even when moving above the individual level.
And thus cant make the flawed conclusion that the market will prevent discrimination. When we know, both from empirically looking at the world around us, and from our knowledge on human behavior, that this does not happen.
Human beings are more than willing to “leave money on the table”, in exchange for spiting other people. Aka. discriminate, suppress etc.
Probably because we derive pleasure from it, as sad as it is.

No you dont. But you would need it to draw the conclusions you do, about the effects of the market forces; such as them having any magical ability to prevent unequal pay.

Seems like a fairly relevant piece of news.
Especially if you adhere to any kind of belief, like Tolfdir above, in the rational behavior of people. The foundation for that is 100% information. People need to know about these cases, so they can make a decision about what it means to them.


Why would you post here if it bothers you? If you don’t care go back to waiting for Season release on Console. Which works the say way it has always worked, but I see that upset you.

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Like many tech fields, game development and publishing has been (and still is) dominated by white men. The issues discussed in the suit can’t be resolved with more training, more rigorous ethics codes, and promises to do better, because the problems under discussion are systemic. They’ve existed as long as the industry has existed, many layers deep, and often at the encouragement, explicit or otherwise, of top level management.

I agree with Brandy and others that this has been a long time coming, and I hope the suit forces Acti-Blizz to clean up their act, but unless actions are taken to dismantle the power structures that permit this kind of workplace culture to exist in the first place, I very much doubt this is the last we’ll hear of the matter.


what happens in a company is not the plebs problem, especially that usually its fake news by competitors to bring the market value / brand down as even if it will be the outcome that none of this is true, the brand already suffered. Like #metoo bullsh*t. The game is the same even if some boss decided to do smthg bad so ppl here shouldnt care, i assume the one who spreads this in forums is working for a competitor or paid by them… just irritated by these tricks…

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The plebs? Really?
What happens in a company is very much the customers problem. Deciding if they want to give money to such a company. This is the very foundation of having a free market.

Which of course would also be useful information.
But uh, until any indication of such a scheme came to light, I think it needs to be filed under Conspiracies.


Yes, yes it is. My friends are there and I make purchase decisions based on what I know about companies. That is my right as a consumer. Likewise it is your right as a consumer not to care what a company does if that is what you prefer.

This is not fake news. This is a formal lawsuit filed by the state of California against Blizzard over their labor practices. The state of California has some of the strictest labor laws (pro worker), in the US.

Further, I know enough folks at Blizzard to know the allegations are solid and true. It does not apply to all Blizzard and there are many kind and caring folks who work very hard on their games and support their teams. There are also bad actors and behaviors that were allowed to fester in parts of the company over the years. What ends up happening as a result in the courts? I don’t know how that will turn out. Likely fines, wage payments, and some sort of “plan for improvement” to prevent the issues.

No, Avalon has been posting here for well over 5 years. He is not a secret agent trying to stir drama to benefit another company. I do realize some companies do that - but Avalon is not one of those folks.


The term “red-pilled” has another meaning in the context of social discourse and political/social philosophy: it aligns with anti-feminist, right-wing ideologies, many of which are pro-fascist, anti-science, and many more of which also align with separatist/racist ideas.

To sum up: red-pill = garbage.

The “world as it actually is” argument is an easy, though not very clever, way of simplifying things. It’s myopic, and assumes “the world” isn’t subjective to many cultures, peoples, and so forth. Miss Cheetah is correct when she notes that being “red-pilled” is nothing to be proud of, and I’d add that defending red-pill ideologies, or arguing that it’s a harmless reference to a movie and not also a way to dog whistle trash beliefs is, at best, disingenuous.


Thank you. I was going to address it but you did a great job. Yes, the movie explanation was a start, years ago, but that is not how it is used now and was not how it was being used in this thread.

It is possible Meteorblade really does not know about that, if he does not follow the MGTOW/gamergate/rest of the far right stuff. I thought people knew about that in England though.

Again though,

I don’t see how the following would even be controversial or “trigger” anyone.

  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Equal opportunity for professional development and advancement for staff based on experience, performance, and seniority.
  • A work environment free of harassment and sexual abuse.

This applies to ALL workers. Not one group. How anyone can argue about that is beyond me.