Now that Microsoft owns Activision what do you expect?

I’ll hold judgement until he’s actually gone. As someone said either in this thread or another, deals aren’t done till they’re done, and BK is still with the company and will be till he isn’t.

And again, I’m not buying any additional Blizzard games until he is gone.

In essence, this story means squat to me because it still isn’t the news, I’m waiting on to entice me into buying D4.

Rumour has it Microsoft has a vested interest in PCs too. Wouldn’t worry about it. Microsoft is great to work with. Much better than Activision. At least it was 10 years ago, I’ve been out of the biz a minute. Great PR teams. Lots of contractors & agencies focused on making things go. Xbox guys have always been super supportive of Windows gaming.

Awesome move! Looking forward to it.


BK will likely get his golden parachute and cruise into the sunset.

Meanwhile, look forward to all Blizzard games requiring a Gold pass to play online, which conveniently aligns with Blizzard’s mandatory online policy of the past decade. WoW possibly needing 2 subs to play isn’t out of the question. Aren’t you thankful?!

Indeed. Some things are just hard to get rid of.

Honestly dont even care about that part. Pay him to leave is fine by me. Not fair, but fine. As long as he is gone.

I’d say “not fair” is an understatement, but this is what corporate personhood and CEOs being rewarded for bad behavior gets us. Once settlements are actually reached, it’ll be the remnants paying the price and not him.

Think I read somewhere if they cut him today, he basically gets $270+ million. A contract renewal is sometime next year, but I can’t see waiting that long being to MS’ benefit since I imagine the sale was partially inspired by all this controversy.

I think it could be good for us if a microsoft PC pass now includes all microsoft, EA and now Activision/Blizzard games. We’ll get a lot more value for the same price.

I am kind of concerned about what they’ll do with the existing Blizzard infrastructure as far as friends lists and Blizzard Bucks/token economy. Will people still be able to pay the sub with gold and use their existing tokens etc?

makes no difference to me…Acti-blizz games are terrible and Microsoft won’t change anything about them.

One thing seems more certain: Diablo will play on Windows 11…

Everything will be within 3 years.

OW2 and HS2 memes. Who’s going to care about these anyway?

Unless you play on Sony or Nintendo consoles.

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Blizzard and Activision are a disgrace.

I’m glad Microsoft bought Activision-Blizzard. They just need to fire Bobby Kotick and his friends and it will go to the right direction.


If you read the WSJ at all, you see “pretty sure things” collapse all the time. Ya’ll have more than a year to see if it’s a done deal before even speculating what will happen with the games.

Haven’t had a need for a PS since PS3. None of their exclusives have interested me in well over a decade. With MS, I can play all Xbox games I want on PC, so PC and Nintendo will continue to be my only systems since 2008.

To those exclaiming no PS4/PS5 release for D4 or even OW2, just look at all of MS’s acquisitions of studios that had games in development for playstation as well as MS/PC, they all were released on PS as well.

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I play on Nintendo and outside of D3, have really not played any AB games like ever. So this won’t effect me.

I expect Season 26 to become the Season of Buyouts.

The two pets for completing the Season will have to be a demonic Clippy who is constantly asking “I see you’re trying to kill [x type of creature]. Would you like some assistance?” and a ninja cat mounted to a T-Rex.

Kadala can now buy Bloodshards. Each one sold is worth 50k gold.

I really wanted to play Ghost of Tsushima. That was is it, I guess. LOL

That was games close to release. MS has stated future Bethesda games wont get the same treatment.
I could see them release D4 on other cnsoles, simply because it already was announced to relase on those, so they kinda would put Blizzard in a bad light to walk it back. However the game is so far from release that they might decide announcements made years ago are not relevant.

Isnt that heavily rumored to show up on PC this year?

Stubborn old Sony finally seems to have realized they were being stupid with their exclusivity.

Not something unheard of even without acquisitions. I remember the second Tomb Raider reboot game being announced for the PS and then getting an exclusivity deal for MS.

As soon as Phil Spencer said TES6 would only be on systems that support gamepass, that was a clear signal that former multiplatform series will only be on MS now.

They’ll just continue to support titles that are already on other systems (like Minecraft) and maybe CoD because of how Warzone works.

I have little hope that D4 is going to be on PS.

  1. I expect M$ to continue to march toward everything through the Microsoft store.
  2. Game pass… Game pass… Game pass
  3. A prompt that says “please log in with your microsoft account”.
  4. To vomit and vomit some more.
  5. Starcraft 2 on Xbox that comes with a free backlit ARPG heavy click keyboard and a 1200 dpi microsoft gaming mouse
  6. Free loot box with Game pass purchase.
  7. A new round of vomitting.