[Now Live] Patch 2.6.7a Update

As huertgenwald stated, there are currently no new Set Dungeons for Season 19.

The Season 19 free Set for the Crusader is Roland’s Legacy. The Season 19 free Set for the Monk is Raiment of a Thousand Storms.

Which Set Dungeon you choose to Master is entirely up to you, based on which Class you decide to play. It will also depend on whether you run a Set Dungeon with your free Set or farm for a different Set.

Source: Season 19: The Season of Eternal Conflict, Haedrig’s Gift

They should just eliminate set dungeons altogether lol


Hey BestBeast,

There are no new set dungeons for the two new set pieces (Crusader/Monk)


Is there going to be another balancing patch as AoV crusaders still seems very strong in comparison to other classes/


hahaha…this guy…


Hey MicroRNA,

Based on our data, If we calculate the Paragon Levels + Gear + Legendary Gems into account, we’re seeing AoV Crusaders anywhere from 4-7GR higher than we anticipated, even with the nerf. Please also note that this is an extremely low percentage of the player base that can achieve such a feat.

We’re not planning on doing another balance patch for Season 19 but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the question for the future to align it to our goals.

In other news, as Nevalistis has stated, we’re going to present a developer blog to help everyone understand where we’re coming from and how we attempt to balance the game from a solo leaderboard perspective. Look forward to hearing from everyone in regards to that in the future.

Thanks again.


So, what was the point of nerfing Wizards and Necromancers if you just replace them with another class that’s capable of doing GRs at 7 levels higher than the other classes?



Will you share on what you are working for next patch. F.E. which skills, which items, etc. So the Feedback could be more focused and you gain access to a lot more benefical suggestions and issue calls. :slight_smile:

Next time can we get a proper PTR where we can actually, you know, test any changes properly before they go live?

This is great and all, but we need proper testing with any balancing attempts. Now we have to deal with Crusaders being about 10 GRifts more powerful than the next best thing in Season 19 and it’s NOT because of Paragon.

You should have also noted that this is without seasonal theme, I believe the gap will be closed even further with seasonal themes helping builds that don’t kill singles as fast as AoV HF Crus whilst helping builds that have greater and faster trash kill potential than the AoV HF Crus.

In season you are maybe right. IN NS I think that Crus will clear GR150 (solo) before season end.
It is stronger than prenerf Chantado. With it Chantado nerf and lamentation nerf does not make sense. Neither 200% on lamentation is weaker than Crus.

I have no problem with Crus at that state, but others class need buffs or prenerf state.

Oh there’s no doubt that it will, but in season it will be a bit more inline and if it does hit 150 in season the other class/builds won’t be so far behind.

But I do understand that that’s only because of GR cap so if said 140 NS class does get close to 150 with Pandemonium that’s not the true gap in power obviously, as Sader could probably do 155ish at that point just saying it will sting less in seasons due to theme and GR cap.

Well i’m surprised the team heard the majority for barbs and crusaders. it’s nice to see rather then them flat ignore it. hope they stay this path instead of just in general killing specs.

Look’s like i’ll dabble a bit in season 19 mostly barb and maybe finally try necro bought it but never tried heh. thanks for all the work/fighting you did Nevalistis and others .

Seems fine to me having the sader being the leader. Don’t see why people fuss about it considering there’s another class that has had to top spot for multiple seasons and in NS alike. I for one like the change of scenery.


Your point of view is problematic. If build is stronger it does not only affect one’s ability to push with it solo but it also affects ability to do other things with it. For example many players are using it to farm EXP/Gear/Bloodshards in GR 120. It is used as RGK in groups. Majority of the time it is used in GROUPS.

So I don’t agree with “extremely low percentage of player base” part.

This is group oriented game… I hope you don’t forget that.

That miss of 4-7 GRs HIT some of us really hard. And I could see it comming.

If there are no new set dungeons can we get rid of the others? Please? At least as far as the season goes, and maybe also the achievements.


That would be very nice, Matthew! I would love to read whether you have plans for certain caps and/or tuning of the paragon system.

If the D3 team is reading these forums it’s easy to notice that a MAJOR PORTION of the player base doesn’t want an infinite experience system a la paragon to return in Diablo 4. Imagine all these people that would return to D3 if you make the required changes for paragon and its interference with the competition. I wrote many times on this particular topic in the old forums:

Also, do you have plans to improve the Challenge Rifts mode? We gave a lot of feedback for it back when it launched (it’s an easy fix to at least add a tier progression in it):

Thank you and keep up the good work in D3!


Thanks for letting us know. I realize that it is somewhat difficult to balance the game. Unfortunately, I suspect that the PTR gives highly biased data as few people are willing to push their favorite class that received a buff out of fear of being nerfed. Poor data can hide a build’s true potential.


That’s actually very good!!! Good work!!

I think the nerf did effect the Blessed Ground rune build of Heaven’s Fury. Seems about 7-8 GR’s less now with that build. However the Pig Sticker version is performing higher still, not the least of which is due to animation canceling with force move (stutter step).

I’d rather see that aspect addressed rather than further general nerfs that hurt other ways that are fun to play the set.