Not seeing new seasonal rewards for 29

As the title says when i log in i see the new cosmetic rewards that has Leoric portrait and a bird pet but when i create my character i see completely different portrait reward and some tree bark looking pet.

Cant ask on twitter cause yall mute people.

How do i get this fixed?


The Leoric portrait and the bird (and the Galactic Wings) are rewards for completing all the Journey objectives (ie, Guardian level):

The “tree bark looking pet” is the reward for completing the first 4 Chapters of the Journey; that pet, with the portrait frame, were first introduced in Season 5 and were made available again in Season 17:

Cosmetics such as pets and portraits are available in all game modes; if you have unlocked the bird pet in one mode, it will also be available in other modes.

cool thanks 20/chars

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