Not receiving Season Set Rewards

Am I correct in assuming that once you complete chapter IV you should have six pieces of your gear set? I completed chapter IV and claimed my rewards, but only have the chest, helm, off hand, pants and hands. Is this a bug, and is there anyway I can still obtain the rest of the set? I won’t be able to finish the Slayer chapter without six pieces, since one of the objectives is to complete a set dungeon while wearing six pieces.

And if I’m reading this right, I can’t make another wizard since you only get the set on one character per account.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The rest of the set comes on completion of chapters 2&3.
See your ingame emails for the reward.

Yes, I collected all the rewards from 2,3 and 4. Sadly, I only have 5 of the 6 pieces however.

It looks like they gave me a duplicate of my chest piece since I have two of them. Is there a chance that the missing set pieces can drop from a rift or bounty? Or are these sets only available as a reward?

If you have 2 chest pieces you can re-roll one of them into the missing piece in the cube. Just check the right recipe.

Any drop can be of any item in the item pool and set items are most assuredly in the item pool, especially if you’re level 70.

You can even gamble shards to get them. Or upgrade a rare (in the Cube).