Not receiving Deckard Cain journals

Hi, Just recently Deckard Cain’s satchels no longer produce books for me. It just moves but nothing appears. I’ve tried reloading the map and I get the same result. Any help would be great. Thanks~

This is not a bug.

If Cain’s Lost Satchels aren’t dropping Journals, it means your current Character has them all.

Check your in-game Journal to see if you already have them. (Only 2 of them are shown in the image below).

There are 2 sets of Journals written by Cain. One set includes 2 Books called Deckard Cain’s Journal Part 1 and Deckard Cain’s Journal Part 2, which can only be acquired in Campaign Mode Act I, before Cain enters his home.

I believe the journals you’re looking for, from Cain’s Lost Satchels can be found in many areas of Act II Campaign Mode or Adventure Mode.

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