Not kool Enchantres

When rolling weapons or what not, The Devs know we roll off damage for other listed options for specific builds, but when one is rolling at a cost of 60+mil (MILLION) a roll (near 9 BILLION SPENT), and never see cost reduction once (not even at lowest figure) (but area damage and all the others come up many times) is piss poor. Not to mention all the DBs and thousands of blue and yellow matts spent. [No, it was not already there, don’t be a troll] Screen shoot available. SOOO not kool.

Thank ya “TimberWolf” Though you decided to delete your post, this does give a chance to update/add info. Didn’t say it was a bug. Hope you’re good at math though (shrug). For going for min/maxing, I guess, but heavily weighted???.. IE drop/roll chance reduced for items known to be preferred by players. The Devs have done that many times before for specific items and just at their chance at dropping for a player. I kind of get that, Though when after that many rolls not even the lowest rollable stat option on listed available CDR comes up, not even once, that is spite or unfair programming.
Update, now over 80mil a roll, Over 13bil gold, and associate matts. Yep, I’m a glutton for punishment. And yep, cool down is a listed available option. Liked seeing area damage come up 5 times (not).