Not fond of the Frenzy set so far

I think the full set should have increased more than just Frenzy damage because the other damage dealing skills become essentially useless once the Frenzy damage increase hits. Nothing else even moves the mobs’ health bars after that, and when the mob starts dealing much higher damage to level the playing field, my defensive skills and adds can’t keep up. I ran into a similar problem with a build for my wizard.

Check out my Frenzy build I love playing, Barb Dawn.

I can solo gr107 right now but mostly use her for easy gr100s. I could swap a few things to add WotB, which would allow me to advance levels, but I hate transforming the character model (if that makes sense)

If anyone else has a frenzy build better than mine I would love to take a peak for sure.

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Check out Rage’s guide in the Barb forums if you want to get into the finer details.

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Frenzy is probably the second best RGK at 150’s behind crusader with their ability to rack up Stricken stacks super fast. The set in solo pretty much blows. It would be nice for it to get a slight buff and have a way to perma WotB. Maybe add a “reduces the cooldown of WotB by X%” to the 4 piece similar to Crusader Akkhan set. That would make it much more playable and far less squishy outside of WotB.

I really love the Frenzy set and never understood the hate against it.
But then again, I love Invoker too, even though it needs change to really shine.

Looking forward to play the new sets, and take em’ on as they are. I love trying out new builds and when you don’t play in the top, things are more forgiven.
Having new content in D3, is pleasing after 8 years…

Frenzy build is fine. Play something else.

I haven’t seen people express hate towards the Barb Frenzy set, most just say that it needs a buff. I tried it and it is quite fun to play, but it is much weaker than Whirlwind barb to push solo, and not as strong as the Crus Holy Shotgun or even Impale DH as RGK. I hope they will buff it in the future.


You consider 2000 a medium paragon? I’ve been playing for a long time and just hit 1490. I’ve seen people with numbers over 5k, but I don’t doubt that most of them have used bots. I like the look of the build, but I’m not gonna let some program play for me to cheat me out of actually playing the game.

Frenzy is just not fun. I have farmed almost a complete primal set. It’s not as good as whirlwind, and really, no one wants a frenzy barb as a RGK. The set is kind of clunky. You can’t keep WoTB up. It falls short.
Last season, you could kind of fake 100% perma zerker buffs with cube options, but now, it’s pretty awful. You can put it back into the category of every other barb set no one plays.


Eh Frenzy needs some work. So does Hota, and even charge barbs now. What they all have in common is a frenetic playstyle. There’s lots of mouse clicking and looking ahead for the next target. Some people like that some don’t. The thing about WWrend is it’s not the best at single target or trash clearing. It is good enough at most things to be versatile without being finicky. Other classes have similar problems. They decimated wizards and now they’re about to kill off the only viable crusader builds.

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I consider it low-medium tbh, I have also been playing since launch and am only 2200.

It has nothing to do with time spent, but how you spend your time, you do not need a bot to achieve this.

The only reason we are this low after all this time is because we play solo and have not bothered to farm it. That’s all there is to it.

Ignore the paragon levels. Frenzy is arguably the 2nd strongest Barb set, but if you just don’t like it, that’s fair enough.

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It’s not that I hate it; I just think it needs help.