NOT a bug: WW Rend Barb - nothing can be repaired

Background - On PC version running the latest version of the game on NA region. Running a WW Rend barb (with BK set) at T13 running Nephalem Rift. The barb was dead a few times but I never get the broken yellow armor sign that I saw before and when I went to the ironsmith in the Bastion’s Stronghold both repair buttons were greyed out and showing cost of 0. I then tried to take off one of the items and drag it to the repair and it tells me “this item can not be repaired”. I am at Paragon level 400~ and have Enchantress as my follower (if that matters).

I have tried to exit and reopen the program, even tried to switch to another PC but ended up seeing the same result.

Anyone has any clue what might have happened?

Shoulder on the enchantress is the deal…


Spaulders of Zakara

Your items become indestructible. (Emanates)

When these are equipped on a follower, the power emanates, i.e. it’s given to your hero. This means your Barbarian’s gear is indestructible and will therefore never take damage whilst your Enchantress is alive to emanate the power to him. As there’s no damage to the gear, there’s nothing to repair at the blacksmith.


I am a moron! That’s exactly it, I was checking on what’s equipped on the barb but forgot to check the followers. Sorry, noob mistake.

Also while I get the experts here, another question, my barb actually dies relatively easily in T13 and its fury runs out quite a bit. I know I have no primal (so far haven’t seen any yet) and nothing too powerful but I’d think this is more than sufficient to push for T13:

This is my basic set up, note I have tried to wear the Cuariss of Wastes too before switching to Aquila but doesn’t see too much changes. My gems are all at level 30 to 40.

h ttps://

What I have in the cube:

h ttps://

And my skill set up:

h ttps://

Just wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make my barb stronger? Also at what level do you start to see primal? I know I am far from there but just for my curiosity. Thanks all!

EDIT: Sorry new member here so I am not allowed to post links nor share images, please kindly remove the space between h and t in the URLs.

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There are a bunch of issues here. The biggest one is that you aren’t getting the benefit of your 6-piece set!

I suggest reading Free’s Zodiac Rend guide, which is in the stickied threads at the top of the Barb forum. Or, if you’re a more visual learner, there is a guide at Maxroll as well.

But, a few quick fixes:

Get rid of Skull Grasp in the cube. WW does basically no damage in this build, all your DPS comes from Rend. Swap SG → Ring of Royal Grandeur, which you can get from Act 1 Bounty Caches. Or, just equip the Wastes chest piece, instead of Aquilla.

If you want to keep wearing Aquilla, and thus use RoRG in the cube, then replace Focus and Restraint (rings) with Band of Might and Convention of Elements. BoM should fix all your problems with dying- just be sure to refresh it every 8 seconds using either Ground Stomp or Furious Charge.

Those two things should help a lot. BoM quintuples your toughness, and getting the benefit of Wastes 6-piece will give you 101x damage!

Beyond that, check out those guides.

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Thanks so much for your suggestions, yes there are quite a few guides online and some are saying this and some are saying that so I ended up getting a bit confused. I tried to switch back the waste chest piece and cubed one of my BoM and indeed I managed to pull through a T13 rift without dying (just one time I was really low on blood level) - as long as I remember to press 3 (Ground Stomp) once a while. May be I’ll try to switch up the Focus and Restraints with CoE and RoRG and see if that would improve the set up even more!

Also RE: Istvan’s Paired Blades, is it preferred over BK? I have a set of the BK as well so wondering if I should try those (unfortunately no socket on either also).

And I also have an ancient Zodiac but with no socket, do u think it make sense to replace COE with Zodiac (i.e., an RORG+ORZ) (my COE is not ancient but have a socket) or I should wear the RORG + COE (both have sockets) or COE+ORZ? If the ORZ option is better which gem should I remove? I am using the standard Taeguk, Bane of the Trapped, and Bane of Stricken combo for gems.

BK will probably be easier for you to use at your current level- they generate a bunch of Fury for you, which makes life easier. Later on, if you are pushing GRs, Istvans are better for that.

Zodiac will be better for you than CoE (I should have mentioned this before). Another thing you can try, which should get you more damage and toughness too, is to craft the Guardian’s set. This set is particularly good for low-paragon players like yourself.

To implement that, you’ll need two out of 3 pieces of the Guardian’s set- for you, it will ideally be the helm and bracer.

You’ll equip the Guardian’s Helm and Bracer, plus 5 pieces of the Wastes set (Shoulder, Glove, Chest, Pants, Boots). You will wear Zodiac + RoRG. In the cube you will have BoM. Or you could also wear the BoM, but make sure the affix roll is close to 80%. A BoM can roll as low as 60%, which gives only half as much toughness!

Then, swap Mantle of Channeling in the cube for Mortick’s Brace. This should help you both to be tougher, and do more damage.

Finally, just let me just clarify what Ring of Royal Grandeur does: it reduces the number of pieces needed for a set bonus by 1. So you can get a 6-piece bonus with only 5 pieces equipped (like with Wastes) or a 3 piece bonus with only 2 pieces equipped (like with Aughild, Crimson, or Guardian). But, bear in mind that it only works with sets with at least 3 pieces (so you can’t use just one of the BK swords and get the bonus).

So, generally this ring is used to combine different sets together, in this case Wastes and Guardian’s. If you are just using 6 pieces of one set, and that’s it, you don’t need RoRG.

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Thanks so much for the detailed answer and congrats on your 3K posts!

Also thanks for suggesting the idea on the Guardian’s set. To be honest I have not paid attention to this set at all (I don’t even know if my blacksmith has it yet - something I’ll need to find out), but that’s something great to experiment and try to find out!

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For in season play the easiest and beginner friendly build for pushing is BKs/CC/BOM. The hardest part of building rend is cooldown and toughness followed slightly behind. You combine captains with band of might all problems are solved. Then add bul kathos with the movement speed which allows for blood funnel to be taken you can run almost zero paragon in vit while pushing at low paragon. I cleared a 130@1200 paragon with this build which was rank 1 for a day back in august before switching to istvans.

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I think that at OP’s level of paragon (only about 450) and augs (looked like none), Guardian is going to give both more damage (close to a 2x multiplier) and significantly greater survivability (between the extra Str, Vit, Melee and Ranged reduction, more than 2x toughness, maybe as much as 3x). Of course, once you get more paragon, and especially a full set of 125 augs, Crimson is going to be considerably better.

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Correct, no augmented ones (in fact I think I have a one of two gems that are royal not flawless royal even) - still quite early on in the game vs your guys!

Just wondering what paragon level is when you start to see primals start dropping? So far I’ve only had one (and it is not even for barb) on my Switch version (paragon level ~600) and none on my PC version (PL ~450), I know it is all RNG in the end but wondering if I am just too impatient and just need to keep playing or if there are ways I should aim for to hopefully get a primal soon (for example if I should do more GR than NR or do GR at the highest level possible w/o dying - right now I am at GR level ~70 but I normally play with GR ~50-60 to make sure I don’t die)

You need to clear GR 70 in order to enable Primals to drop. The first time you do, you get a guaranteed Primal. After that, they are roughly 1 in 400 drop odds (i.e. on average, you’ll see 1 Primal for every 400 legendary/set items that drop).

In terms of maximizing your drops, you start getting the max number of drops from bosses at GR 90, and the quality of the gear, I believe, caps out at GR 100. So the optimum way to farm gear would be to run GR 100, over and over, as fast as possible.

A general benchmark that people use is whatever rift level takes them 2-3 minutes to run.

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Ah I see, the grinding continues then, thanks a lot for the info!

UPDATE - Got through level 70 and got my 1st primal! It is a unity ring which probably doesn’t really help with this build but still happy to just get something primal!

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Sure thing Spammy. And congrats on the primal Unity!

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