North America Server Shutdown?

Just saw game notices of a server shutdown in 5 min (I’m in north america), but I don’t recall seeing any notice of a planned downtime.

Anyone know what’s what?

Probably a hotfix and/or banning/rollbacks for exploits.

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EU too in some minutes

Yeah, probably be back up in no time.

Same in EU in a few minutes. Restart for an update.

Im kinda hoping they up the drop rate on Gifts …feels like its lower than normal…but i suppose that could just be my bad luck at work lol

exploit is worrrrking now?

No restart yet in EU even though there was a system message about it

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Just logged into game and looked at the EU Season 25 leaderboards.
The top solo GoD DH clearance is a GR120, and overall solo DH is a GR132 with Marauder.
So, at the very least there’s been a leaderboard reset.

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Y. Had to restart launcher…
Now ranking seems to be ok

I hope season doesn’t restart


Cool thank you very much

Glad to see it got fixed!


Thats just stage 1… stage 2 is how to even out the unfair advantage from 40+ T per hour xp farming on spd 149s which is below their legit 150 clear radar.

never heard of blizz banning bug exploiters, but fingers crossed

Supposedly 1.4k players in Asia got a ban but only for 2 weeks. What a load of bull…

From site ranking its a gr142 from a god dh but not using a bug.

That is not surprising because years ago when LFR in WoW was just out there was a bug that would allow players to get more gear than what they should’ve gotten. The worse that the players thought would be just take the gear away. But they got hit with an 8 day suspension or ban.

Thank you for that info. It makes sense.