Noob Question, I DON'T GET IT!

What do the aberrations RO and RG Mean?

Separately, I’ve no clue what RO is on its own, but RG stands for Rift Guardian (the boss at the end of a Nephalem or Greater Rift). Together, the abbreviation (not aberrations - that would be those monsters!) RoRG stands for Ring of Royal Grandeur, which is the legendary ring from the Act 1 bounty cache that allows you to wear one less item to complete the three, four, and six piece set bonuses on set items.


If u scroll down to the Armor: Core Zodiac or Crimson’s Variant? section you will know what I’m talking about

Just a heads up: Anchors (that’s the #Part1E in your link) only work when the post number is referenced as well. Otherwise they only work from within the originating post. :slight_smile:

Edit: The correct link would be this: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20) which is when viewed via mouseover. As you can see, using the link from this page doesn’t work, but it you paste it into the URL bar while you’re already on the page, it works. Fun stuff. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Now I see what tripped you up. It’s the way RO is separated from RG in the table header. Looks like Free put a space between those two letters to shorten the table length. He’ll have to fix it though, as it isn’t a wiki guide so I can’t edit that confusion out of the table for him.

thanks for the info bro, and for taking the time to figure it out… You have my Thanks.

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No problem. Good hunting! :slight_smile:

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RG can also stand for Rainbow Goblin. Just depends on context where it is used.

Also, RORG can mean Ring of Royal Grandeur.


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