Non Vereran player question about Ladder

Hi all,

New here, With the talks of Ladder play, Will ladder start at the beginning of the release or does it usually take a week or so?

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Ladder won’t be out on day 1. I think mostly so that the devs can get a chance to iron out any problems or glaring bugs that appear before the first ladder.

It’ll give everybody a better experience when it does start hopefully. But it hasn’t been announced when it will start yet as far as I am aware.


As Reason stated the ETA for the ladder is unknown.

For right now we know that ladder will have a leaderboard (fastest to 99) and the monsters AI is more aggressive and monsters have more HP and defense if I remember correctly on the defense part.

For ladder players I do kind of hope they add something additional (stash, etc.) for those who want to play ladder. I don’t want power differences (items, etc.) between Ladder and Non-Ladder as long as ladder season is so short (est is 3-4 months) but I do think ladder players should probably get some small incentive.

They plan to have Ladder rankings and listings to be implemented shortly after launch.

Good point. Ladder is meaningless if the shared stash is available to ladder characters.