Non-Season XP Farming build?

Hi guys.

I am so far really enjoying the season, but I probably will become NS player just due to time constraints after S30.

Just thinking, what do you guys enjoy/anticipate playing NS XP farming build? Like as in, the ones that can do GR 120-130 under 3 minutes, etc. Obviously paragon dependent.

Maxroll has DH builds (GOD, Shadows, and UE) as top three for the seasons, but they don’t do much in the way of NS.


m i think we can still use the same meta like season, 2 sader but jsut chg znec since the ball will not produce shield in ns, my guess we can try zmonk with his shiels i try make 1 it can give shield like 300k with ancient item on health globe and another is zdh i guess

Thanks! Sorry for my late clarification, I was also more curious about solo speed builds. Buty judging by what you are saying, I presume FoH Sader?

It depends on what you consider “Paragon Farming” in Non-Season. If you’re under 3000 and you’re looking to get there by doing speeds, a GoD DH can do around GR 130 in 2 to 3 mins.

If you’re looking for speed content for High Paragon, say around 4000 or so, then there really isn’t many builds capable of running 140 in anything folks would call speed, maybe 5 to 7 min, which is fast, I guess but not really “Speed Grifts”.

I mean, non season doesn’t have season themes, so like 2 min 150’s for solo are out of the question. And it’s even worse when some of the stronger builds were nerf’d for the altar and then the altar wasn’t added to nonseason.


Shenlong Water ally


All others are inferior including AoV FOH for NS.

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I was shocked trying some non season builds shortly. Without Altar and season themes they hit like wet noodles at GR130 :frowning_face:

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