No final patch notes PTR 2.7.5 season 28

I don’t understand the lack of communication and update about season 28, the Ptr was full of errors and bugs, and it’s over and we don’t know anything about final adjustments or patch notes, sometimes I don’t understand why they make us suffer so much while waiting without receiving any information.



We’ll get the final patch notes when they announce the end of this season (by a news, not an edit PTR patch) and the announce of the new season.

In the meantime, not much to expect.

And we’ll see what the results on live server.

And with a bit of luck, we will also have the information on the EU servers (No official news about PTR on the English (EU) or French forums), nice job.

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This is ordinary behavior. We will see patch notes when the patch is ready to be released, most likely the week of launch, maybe a bit sooner.

With only a one week PTR we didn’t get that mid PTR patch, and accompanying patch note, like we often get.

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It’s the way D3 devs and CMs have always worked. It wouldn’t be different with, arguably, the last patch for the game.


yea is true i hope this thing change in D4

25% of what I want in D4 is just a better join group setting lol

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The PTR just ended; they need to make the fixes, and test them internally before they can write up patch notes. We have around 3 weeks for them to get things worked up.

95% of what I want in D4 is just a SSF mode

Well they have done the first part already, Season 27 ends on the 19th.

They announced it in the fourms 2/19 season ends , which means season should start on the 24th