No Endgame in Consels Version

In the PS4 version of Diablo2 you cannot make progress in the endgame!

Because of rare but necessary items for all builds, that realisticly can only gained over trading.

But how should you ever trade in Diablo2 PS4, if there are

  1. no lobbies on ps4 and
  2. there is a bug which makes your items drop when the other player closes the trading window, while you move items?

Without a specific answer to both points, only one conclusion can be drawn:

No trading in PS4->
No Endgame in PS4->
PS4 version is just a sundayplayer version,
for storymode once and than get stuck.

What is Blizzard thinking!? :rage:

At least say you fix both in the future.


glad i never played d2, so (1) lobby doesnt mean anything to me. (2) there was a trade window in beta on ps4/5? I just dropped stuff on the ground for my group mates so they could pick them up (but that was me dropping stuff for them not something that automatic happened). (3) I dont like talking to my wife, so not talking to random people doesnt bother me at all.



You can very easily farm Pindle, Meph, Andy in hell mode with a Blizz Sorc. Most of the items like Shako, Occy, Viper, Stormshield, HoZ, Arreats, Titans, Thunderstroke, TGods just to name a few. You can also get some nice gear for a smiter as well if you want to do ubers.

Tinto is ignorant and still doesn’t know how to use console functions to find someone to trade and doesn’t know how to create party lobby and invite people to that. Seriously, most players on D3 on xbox use the party chat system over the in game system so to see a few people who probably never played console in their life complain about something so arbitrary is hilarious.


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Dude, you can very easily make a party chat and invite players to it.

Icon, why are there dumb people like this on here complaining about something totally irrelevant? Its like they have nothing better to do than complain to complain.


Its best to just ignore him. Tinto doesn’t know anything and is completely clueless.


Blizzard isnt making this game lol


the game is already made blizzard did make it but for some reason the devs is removing essential thing … i mean we talking about end game d other guy… there trade i droped stuff … ya go drop a shako … you idiot and hoping that someone gonna give you something in return…ho ya they gonna give you a tal rune…
im not saying it impossible but there probably only 2 build that gonna make it and if you dont know what it is you gonna have a hell of a time.i mean it gonna be fun you comming here after a week because you cant progress with your bow amazon…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Du bist Vollidiot

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Playing for a month is easily getting moneys worth and then some. Ill have it for both pc and xbox. You must live in your moms basement and dont work if you are complaining about time played and money. :rofl::joy:


player base on console 50

Poor guy, it must suck not being able to count.

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All of your whining wont make up for you being a bad player. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

And more importantly an unintelligent person.

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Tinto is clearly a child along with his fake accounts and posts.

If you compare d3 with d2 trade you have no idea of d2.
D3 have a other loot system.

Make a super char and farm everthing by myself is no answere. Go to north korea if u think thats a good way.

And invied playes is no solution too. Because i dont know every player on earth and what they have to offer.
And search 100 sites to find a guy is rediculus.
And with the trade window bug its to dangerous to trade until now, even if you very lucky to find someone.

Buy pc version is not a answere too.
I dont buy a new pc only because the ps4 Version have to less contant to be playable.

Who ever blame me i cant play, is just a kid, who cant thing 2minutes into future to see that no trading can be an issue.

So until now there is not a single answere with sence.

All these bad answeres will only lead to an for ever unplayeble endgame version of dia2.
Please learn: if have nothing usefull to say, be quied.

A good answere would be:
If lobbys are impossible, we need much higher droprates or auctions again.
But auctions with runes and not gold.
So no trading is not that bad.

Tinto, you need to try harder than this. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

You can make a new account but you cant hide your ignorance, pepega.


You aint going to fkin make a lobby for every single fkn baal run you make especially when the games last 3 minutes tops.

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Yep. It was Vicarious Visions studio which is a separate from Blizzard studio. I think some people can’t figure out how a large company such as ATVI can have separate divisions working on separate projects with different goals. Oh well, let’s just keep yelling at Blizzard.

LOL, clearly do you not know how to make an xbox party chat when you make new game invite entire group to game. Your comment is pretty dumb. Are you sure you have played console?


Wrong. You invite entire group via party system. Its pretty simple and gets everyone in new game… Please use some intelligence when responding instead of posting ignorance.


Invite party to game. :laughing:

Its literally that simple.

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