No Altar or Visions in non-season

I know this has other threads already here in the bug reports.

Wanted to file another to help paint a broader picture for Bliz.


Can we please stop this nonsense?

It’s not a bug, it is intended, no matter how many people wish it wasn’t. So reporting it here over and over will not help at all.

There are enough discussions going on already.

If it was intended that the Altar shouldn’t be in non-seasonal, despite them having communicated that it would be, why was the Altar (briefly) available in non-seasonal play on the Asia server?


THIS!!! This xEleventybillion

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I mentioned this in another thread, but a summary of the counterpoint is

  1. The fact that it was quickly removed speaks to Bliz’s intent that they didn’t want it there. Hence, Asia was a mistake.
  2. Realize that 1 of 3 regions had it appear, meaning 2 of 3 didn’t have it appear. That speaks to the 1 appearance on Asia being the mistake, not the intent.

Asia proved that it was possible to have the Altar in non-seasonal play, which proves that it was possible for the game to match the original patch notes but Blizzard chose to change the patch notes instead of giving us what they’d originally said they’d give us.

What we got on live isn’t what the patch notes (at the time the patch went live) said we’d be getting. When you have a disparity between what went live and what was supposed to go live, that’s a bug.


I don’t want to argue about it one way or another. All I know is:

Asia Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • No Mail
  • Had Altar of Rites

Europe Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • Had Mail. Contained 3 Haedrig’s Gifts even though I already collected them during Season 29.
  • NO Altar of Rites

Americas Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • No Mail
  • NO Altar of Rites

Went back to Asia Region to check for Mail

  • No Mail
  • NO Altar of Rites this time

Launcher News Window – Before

Launcher News Window – After


Just… wow. This is some serious mental gymnastics.


Again, Meteor, whether or not it could have been or was intended or NS hasn’t been the point of any of my posts. You began replying to me trying to push that narrative, but it’s not anything I was ever talking about.

Again, yes, I’ve said that too several times. They are allowed to to change their minds. All current info reflects what Bliz wanted at the time of launch.

Again, no. No patch notes ever explicitly stated that it would be in NS when 2.7.7 went live. Ambiguous, yes. But definitive, no.

The PTR notes initially had the ambiguous wording, but that’s the PTR. Nothing is ever set in stone just like the PTR notes’ disclaimers explain.

Again, no. Plans changing is not a bug. The PTR patch notes changed to and currently read no NS, the S30 notes are ambiguous, a rep’s last info was no NS, the appearance and swift removal on one of three servers supports no NS.

You know full well that unless it goes against current intended design, something is not a bug no matter how you try to spin it. Plans getting changed is not a bug, again, no matter how you try to spin it.

The original version of the patch notes said that Visions and Altar would be permanent additions and that we’d be able to play them on the day 2.7.7 went live.

The patch went live on Tuesday.
The season will go live tomorrow, i.e. Friday.

So, how would we this be permanently available, on the day the patch went live, if the season wasn’t starting until three days after the patch went live unless it was available to non-season?

What went live didn’t match what they said would go live.

They changed the patch notes after what went live didn’t match them.


No it didn’t. It was an ambiguous “all modes”. End of story.

Meteor, plans changed. That is not a bug. End of story.

No they didn’t. The PTR notes changed after the PTR, before 2.7.7. End of story.

Yes, they 100% did change the patch notes. I witnessed the change. Originally the portion about the Altar and Vision was in the general patch section which would include all the things applied in the base game, meaning non-season too. That portion was moved to the seasonal content section a whole day after the patch was released.


Blizzard isn’t going to tell us this, but when Season 30 starts tomorrow, we aren’t going to have the Altar or the Visions there either.  

All modes is unambiguous. All modes means seasons and non-seasons as well as hardcore and softcore.

In the S30 preview, they also gave tbe patch notes. The patch applies to both seasons and non-season. The altar was listed as part of the patch initially until they revised it after this blew up.

The Blizzard battlent launxher on Tuesday and early Wednesday stated that the altar was “LIVE NOW” and playable in patch 2.7.7.

One could only play non-season on Tuesday and Wednesday since no season is currently active.

Edit: Fixing typos galore.


Winner winner!!!

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For the last time, before any live patch notes, before any live patch implementation, it was explicity said that the altar was season only. Never in any of the notes did it explicitly say the altar would be in NS.

The mistake here is assuming that where the paragraph is placed in the article is a definitive indicator of where the altar would be.

Please folks, this is the Bug Report forum. Nothing, nothing points to this unintented.

They did say explicitly in all modes and permanent which it can only be when it’s also non seasonal. There is no Interpretation around that


True or false. The D3 battlenet launcher said that the altar was live now with patch 2.7.7 on Tuesday.

Many have provided screenshots.


First, all modes is not explititly stating anything. Second, you’re right, however they changed it between the PTR and Live.

I swear, it’s like you are all cherry picking the information and replying without reading the full story.

True. And it was taken down when discovered. Just like the altar was removed from Asia very quickly. These are knows as mistakes. Again a reply to cherry picked bitnof info while ignoring the rest of the story.