No access to the D2-R forum

According to support, I should ask here in the forum why I am not getting access to the D2-R forum; although this has already been pre-ordered on the PS-4.

Access to most Blizzard forums requires a PC license to post. WoW also requires active game time. The free games usually require a certain amount of progress in game to unlock posting.

For example, this forum requires a D2 (2000) license on your bnet account.

Console D2R is not currently linked to your Bnet account so the forums don’t know that you have a game license pre-purchased.

That is why you can’t post there. This is not a bug. Console accounts generally can’t post anywhere but the forums that are the exception to the rule. Tech Support, New Player Help, WoW Customer Support, Console forum.

My account has been checked by PSN / Sony, both accounts (PSN / Sony + Bnet) have been linked for years.

And if I am forbidden to post in the D-3 PC forum; why am I allowed to do that anyway?
After all, it is only available on the console.

Let’s bet I’ll get access; after the game has officially started?

Maybe. It depends on how the Bnet account linking and the forum coding end up working.

Right now for example Console users with Diablo 3 can’t post on any of the forums except Console, Tech Support, and New Player.

If you can post on the main D3 forum then the game thinks you have a PC license.

Here is an example of a Console player who was unable to post this year with just his Console license.

Yes, I know you can technically connect the two, but it does not register the D2R or D3 license on the Bnet side so the forums don’t see it.

somehow i can’t either , despite having diablo 2 R purchased on pc on this account.