New Zdps looking for Rat runs to get better

Hey all, im new to the game but i play quite seriously and i would like to get in on Ratz but im unsure wherw to find such runs. Im new to zdps but i been practicing in Pubs, but without good dps its difficult to speed run and i feel all my benefits to the team arent being dully utilized.

If anyone is kind enough to give me an oppurtunity. I would be grateful.

If anyone has any tips or a good discord to find groups please let me know. I know if i get a chance i can do well as a zdps.

Better off joining an in game community for finding rat groups. just type rat and search there will be some the pop up with a ton of people in them. If you are looking for a zdps barb guide here ya go: [Guide] zDPS Support Barb (Season 18)