New to Earth and need help

I tried to build a earth barb a class I am quite new to, and I don’t understand the rotation. How to maintain energy.
here is my might of the earth barbarian

Follow this guide. It is all explained about gear, rotation, cube items etc.

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Lidrach, from looking at your profile, it looks like you are trying to set up a Pro-Slam build.

The guide for that is here: [Guide] 2.6.7 MOTE6-Fjord-Echoing Fury-Slam +136


From what you know about this build is it hard to play?

Not hard, engaging and you kinda need to pay attention to a few things. Quite a few keypresses and positioning issues, but not hard. Practice on easier content some, then move up. Fun and powerful with some learning curve included…

Are you trying for leapquake or seismic slam?

If leapquake you NEED lut socks. And Blade of Tribes. Rotation is leap-leap-leap then slam. add in war cry and threatening shout when you can. And keep up WotB as much as you can or save for elites.

The rotation should be Leap - Leap - Leap - Shout - Slam.
Leapx3 - War Cry - Slam
Lapx3 - Hardcast EQ - Slam.

From your build I suppose you’re trying a Pro-slam build instead of EQ build.
I suggest you cube the Fury of the Ancient shoulders for more fury generation and Bracers of Destruction for more damage, meanwhile equip or cube the Ring of Royal Grandeur and use two set pieces of Immortal King set (belt and another) for perma Ancients. It’s quite a strong and fun build.
In the next season, I suggest you try out LeapQuake build. It got buffed, became lots stronger and easier to gear/less requirements than ProSlam (only the set, the Lut Socks boots from Kadala and the Blades of the Tribles from cube upgrade and you’re good to go).


First of all, welcome to Earth. It is a strange place, and so are humans. Be aware of the fact that you do not need to understand everything as most humans dont even understand themselves.

Please be patient with us, and do not invade and decimate our species because we are very flawed.

I hope you do enjoy your time on this planet. Save travel through the worm-hole if you decide to go back to your universe