New Setup NS TR we are discussing my new creation S it remains only to implement )

unity - CHC CDR AD

CoE - CHC AD or Damage and CDR

he problem is only one in this build but I solved it in quotes, you either close the hole with serenity, or on your element you will not have serenity and you beat the next beat without an MR because without serenity to make 3 beats well, you will not be able to) Gain from this build from the standard actually the amulet Flavor of Time and four useful pylons strength chan canduit shield 8 CDRa 15 on the elite and on the boss stable 50% damage reduction

Why is it every season a different monk thinks they came up with a MR TR build?

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lol u can check my messages and u see !!! I was the first who made such a structure closed it and then it became popular (4600 prara 138 GR close) ! MR before it was useless and became effective only in this build!