New Player for Hardcore


I have recently purchased D3 as of 07/06/20, I am interested in finding folks to play Hardcore with. If you take on new players and/or wish to start fresh with a “newbie” shoot me a message. Looking for pals.


Felburt, welcome to the best game mode ever conceived in an rpg.

if you’re playing hardcore you should join the channels in game as well. most of it wont make sense but if you ask, people generally will answer.

Loads of clans and folks willing to help you. I’d recommend playing through the story in softcore first, there are some spikes in power at the boss level that might ruin your first experience when you die :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Teo for the response, I have recently joined the hardcore channel and have been working on the adventure mode to complete the bounty missions. Currently I am a level 44 Crusader haven’t died yet :sweat_smile:


Make sure you have your death-cheat passive and good luck out there!

I did not my crusader died, gotta start another :rofl:

Felburt, a warning to you as a HC newbie. Blizzard has neglected and does not give a s h i t about its HC players. Play with caution because your character will die many times due to Blizzard server disconnects and freezes. Other than that, enjoy the game to the better mode of the game.

I’ve only played my hardcore toons solo. However, I’ve never died when playing hardcore. It’s a different game. Personally, it’s a much more defensive playstyle for me. Some tips:

  • Exercise caution when pushing. I never jump up more than one torment level at a time; I take my time in new torment levels and I don’t hesitate to leave a rift or bounty if it doesn’t feel right
  • Never chase treasure goblins if you’re not totally comfortable with the difficulty level
  • Losing a little DPS in favor of toughness is not a bad thing
  • Hang onto as many spare sets of gear as you can, and at least one level 25 gem of ease (and cube Leoric’s crown while you’re at it)
  • Don’t have anything else running in the background, and make sure your household’s internet bandwidth is adequate. Also, turn down the graphics some… Eye candy will just get you killed!
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Season 21 is almost over and Season 22 is just around the corner. Diablo 3 community will wake up again in a couple of months.

so many users like yourself don’t realize there isn’t a wire from Blizzards servers to your PC at home. Post proof or stop posting nonsense like this. There literally hundreds of connection switches between you and blizzards servers and you think they’re the ones guilty?

Anyone playing hardcore accepts this, anyone else is just whining and should go play softcore so they don’t get so upset at some straw man.